Wednesday, November 1, 2017:

Downtown Business Spotlight: Via Nutrition

Well this was a fun little project featuring a really amazing wellness shop right here in my hometown!! Via Nutrition is literally just blocks away from my house and it is an amazing resource for my town.

Karen Phillips, owner of Via Nutrition talks wellness with Kate Brochu

I spend a lot of time researching and learning about wellness and holistic living as it relates to graceful aging and skincare. I feel like I may have just found my new "go to" source for all things health and beauty related.... just a few steps away from my home!

Take a look at this video and visit my YouTube Channel for more reviews and spotlights!

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Monday, August 28, 2017:

Shifting into Fall Skincare

The weather in my area is hinting that fall is just around the corner. It's my favorite season and, if you read my earlier post, I am really ready to get back into our "school year" routine. I am also ready to give my skin a little break from the summer sun and heat.

Do you change your skincare routine with the seasons? Here are three things I plan to shift this season.

First things first, I need to dissolve away summer.
Despite regular exfoliation and cleansing, I always feel that summer leaves me with a permanent surface layer of sunscreen. So off to the med-spa I go to get a chemical peel. The objective- chemically exfoliate away the sunscreen and general summer grit to reveal youthful looking skin below.

Evaluate my product line up.
In summer months I typically try to keep things light, for example, sticking with a thinner, less rich moisturizer. But as the seasons change and the weather becomes a bit more harsh, then I seek out moisturizers that provide more of a barrier against the colder weather. Did you see my review of Creme de La Mer? This will be perfect when the weather turns.

Push the Fluids.
It's easy to remember to drink water in the summer. It hot and we are always on the move so water bottles are a staple in our activity bags. But in the fall and cooler months, I don't get the heat cues and sometimes forget to stay hydrated which will only make seasonal skin dryness worse.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017:

Do I Love La Mer?

So a few weeks back I caved and spent some serious dollars on the much hyped Creme De La Mer moisturizing cream.  The Verdict? It's perfect....for the winter.

I loved the scent of the cream (full disclosure, topical treatments have come a LONG WAYS...many boast similar ingredients and do a good job, so scent is now a valid category in my book when it comes to differentiation....along with packaging!).

I followed my regular skincare ritual- creamy cleanser, toner, serum...  and then I added the Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream. Definitely felt well hydrated, but, as the website suggests, this cream is ultra rich. In the summer when I am constantly loading on sunscreen and when I am not contending with the harsh northeast winters, this cream was just a bit too rich for the season and I even noticed some breakouts and congestion.

That said, this is staying in my arsenal for the fall/winter. As the season changes, so do our skincare needs and it's crucial to stay on top of the shifts in our skin's composition. I have a feeling this will fit nicely into my winter routine when the weather comes.

Be Well, ladies!

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Thursday, August 17, 2017:

T-Minus How Many Days Until School?

Soaking in the sun with my new hat of choice ;)
Ok, so dusting things off after a crazy summer.  And as much as I hate to treat August like the "Sunday" of the calendar year, I am just crawling to the finish line of high intensity family time activities. Add "exhausted" emoji here.

Boys are boycotting camp (and I am weak in the mornings and they can be so cuddly before the day starts, so sure, we can just veg all day, no need to go to that camp we paid for). But any parent knows that is just NEVER the case.  And just when it's too late to drop your kids of at camp...that's when the crazy begins.

So it should come as no surprise that we've been spending a LOT of time outdoors.  The beach, the pool, the playground, repeat.

I love a good dose of Vit D and fresh air fuels my soul, but I am also annoyingly aware of the damage it can do.

I've been good with sunscreen and covering up.  I've even broken in a new favorite hat that doesn't make my head look smaller than it already is, but what I am REALLY ready for is getting back into my routine- both the school year routine and my skincare routine. Which means time to book my fall facial!

My aesthetician called it...her clients completely bail in the summer but come fall, they are crawling back asking her to fix their sun damaged skin.

So let's get back into our skincare groove and get that glow!
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