Wednesday, February 15, 2017:

Winter Skin is for REAL

My GOODNESS!  I've posted about winter skincare routines in the past but this winter wind on the east coast is giving my generally well-hydrated skin a run for it's money!

I wanted to share this recent post from Purity of Elements because it discusses a very common skincare no no- especially for mature, dry winter skin

Link to their blog post here.  Are you making this common winter skincare mistake??

The truth is, I generally am a sucker for really yummy smelling cleansers, that typically are on the "no no" list (per the Purity Post).  The good news about the Purity brand is that the cleanser is not only creamy, hydrating and also smells delicious!

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Friday, February 3, 2017:

Happy Birthday LIttle Guy!!

My little guy is officially ONE YEAR OLD (how on earth did that happen????).  I am in the process of weaning..sort of...kind really, I am going to do it just after we get the all-clear for whole milk (but I am a bit nervous of how this will interfere with bedtime and middle of the night wake ups, which reminds me I am never ever going to catch up on sleep which ALSO reminds me that I need to make a greater effort for selfcare...).

Ok, so it may seem like I've digressed, but really...I have a point.  I am taking the reigns back.

I am at a cross roads- I am about to wrap up nursing and with that comes the hope that I will be able to start to live a little more independently.  My body is once again my own....And my goal is to really take care of that body.  

I do so much for my kids and it is exhausting.  I swear, there are some days that I can feel my parenting efforts deep inside my exhausted bones!  There are even some mornings when I wake up CONVINCED that I am about three years older than I was when I went to bed.

So, with weaning comes the dull ache of a baby growing up, but also the sweet sweet realization that I can now use a retinol!!!  It's the little things, ladies!!!

In the spirit of encouraging all of us to take a little time for Self Love, thought I would also share this lovely Valentine's Day offer from Purity of Elements - 30% off SITEWIDE- Show Your Skin a Little Love

Promo Code: LOVE


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Monday, January 30, 2017:

Defending Against Dry Winter Skin
Ladies- is the winter weather taking a toll on your skin?  I swear, when I am not on top of my skincare ritual, the dryness sets in and my skin is dull, tired, and not-so luminous!  Which means I am not so thrilled!

But what I AM thrilled about is the fact that I have a fool proof plan to avoid serious winter dry out.  Do you want to restore your skin's luminosity??

Ready, set, winterize:

1.  Hydrate.  Hydrate.  Hydrate.
Hydrating from the inside out is essential during the cold and dry winter months.   I am either carrying a water bottle or hot green tea at all times!  Not only will this help your skin stay healthy and hydrated, it will also help flush out impurities that can cause congestion and build up on the skin's surface.  Want to hydrate in style- I LOVE this S'Well bottle!  It's so pretty!

2.  Commit to Your Skincare Ritual
Winter is not the time to put your skincare ritual on hold.  Daily skincare coupled with weekly treatments are crucial in keeping your glow!  Always opt for a creamy cleanser (other cleansers can dry out your skin, doing more damage).  My preference is for the Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser.  Why is this one so great- not only is it a creamy, hydrating cleanser that won't strip your skin, it is also infused with micro exfoliating scrubbers to gently slough away dead skin (which has a tendency to build up over the winter).  This daily exfoliation helps prime your skin for your concentrated, repairing serums.

3.  Treat Skin to Restore Radiance
Serums are taking the beauty world by storm- make sure you pick the right one!  For me, the loss of luster is the number one problem I face.  When my skin gets dry it becomes dull and the luminosity slips away.  Use Radiance Face Serum morning and night (and add as needed throughout the day) to restore balance and luminosity to your skin.  This serum is infused with a patented Copper 5 Complex- created with actual Copper minerals.  We know Copper is essential for the health of our body and Purity of Elements has added this to their antioxidant rich blend.  90% of women in a consumer survey agreed to seeing an improvement in their skin's texture after one use.  Read that last sentence again and tell me it isn't worth giving it a try.

4.  Layer on the Moisturizer
Another trend that I love- double moisturizing.  It's super easy and exactly what it sounds like.  Add two layers of your most hydrating moisturizer (over your serum).  In between layers I might brush my teeth just to allow the first layer to absorb a bit.  Then I go ahead and add another layer on to really lock in the moisture.  This is the perfect buffer to combat the dry heat that's cranking in our homes right now.

And there is it- this is my ritual to combat winter skin!  Have anything else you'd add?  Share it in the comments!

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Friday, January 27, 2017:

Is this Real Life?!

My GOODNESS!!  Last night/early this morning I was able to realize a MAJOR life dream!!  Anyone who has been following along knows how hard I've been working with Purity of Elements- trying to get the amazing news about our Radiance Face Serum out there!!

It really is a game-changer in the skincare arena!!  Seriously, learn more about our Copper5Complex!!

And last night we were able to reach all of YOU on QVC!  LIFE GOAL ACHIEVED!!

Thank you for everyone's support!!  And thank you for hearing the story of Purity of Elements- this skincare line is the REAL DEAL!

Sidenote:  We all know I am a mom of three young boys.  Most days I am exhausted, most nights I don't get enough sleep (who does?).  But seeing how parenthood and REAL LIFE took away the luster and luminosity of my skin was really tough.  Coupled with the fact that, as a mom, I had ZERO time for selfcare- all of my efforts were towards my family- keeping them on track and running them to their activities, even if it meant a bit of my own needs were put on hold.

But reconnecting with skincare and realizing that it was more than just taking care of my was taking care of ME!  And seeing the radiant changes in my skin- it reignited my confidence, my energy, my attitude!  And you CANNOT put a price tag on that.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Radiance Face Serum for restoring that luminosity, that radiance, the glow-- on DAY ONE!

You know, most mornings I run out of the house in my slippers, trying to go in a million different directions, but knowing that my skin looks healthy, youthful and glowing gives me a bit of confidence to make it through a really challenging day!

I digress....(but I really DO love this serum...please check it out, if not for you, than for ME!).

So, without further ado, please enjoy this little link for your QVC viewing pleasure!!


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