Wednesday, May 25, 2016:

Supplements For Healthy Skin

Ok, quick little post this morning!  While doing some research for Purity, I stumbled across an article that featured Jennifer Anniston's 5 Beauty Obsessions on Well+Good.  I heart Jennifer and see her as a great example of graceful aging- so of course I read the article.

It was filled with most of the regular beauty and skincare stuff but then I saw a mention for Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide Powder.  What is this stuff?!  Well, according to their website, it's a collagen supplement that promotes youthful skin, joint health, and a whole bunch of other good-for-you-stuff.

Mine arrived in the mail yesterday.  Stay tuned....
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Thursday, May 19, 2016:

Rebalancing Tricks for Beauty

There are some days when I am just spread way too thin.  I'm running from pre-school drop off to karate and back to pre-school pick up!  And somewhere in between I'd like to post on my blog or do some work-related research for Purity!

But by the end of the day, I am spent and exhausted.  Tightly wound and a bit frenetic.  I look in the mirror and my skin is haggard, my eyes are bloodshot.  And I am certain that my frown lines are that much deeper.

The stress of life undoubtedly plays a role in the health of your skin.  So tonight, while my husband is at a work event and (miraculously) all three boys are asleep, I thought I would research some quick de-stressing techniques that can also help in the beauty department.  Here's what I found!

Exercise: According to the Mayo-Clinic, almost any form of exercise will help reduce stress by boosting your endorphins! I personally find that going for a quick run at least 3x a week helps me put my worries into perspective and cleans out my head so I can focus on the positive.  How is exercise good for your skin?  Well, anything that boosts your body's circulation is going to help keep your skin vibrant and glowing!

A Cup of Tea:  Me time.  I rarely get it yet always crave it.  Taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea helps your body slow down, rest, restore.  And sipping on Green Tea infuses your body with skin-protecting antioxidants that will boost your radiance while fighting off free radicals!

Hot water with Lemon:  Like a cup of tea, a nice hot cup of lemon water usually means I've finally gotten a minute to myself- a moment for self-care!  Any consumption of water, hot or cold, helps with hydration (dry, dehydrated skin is the #1 cause of premature aging) and adding a few lemon slices is thought to help detoxify your body.  Jam-packed with antioxidants, lemon water can help fight against free radicals while the Vitamin C helps repair damaged skin cells. 

Skincare Ritual:  A good skincare ritual is essential for more than just your skin.  Retreating to a spa or even taking five to ten minutes before bedtime to focus on your skin can have major de-stressing capabilities.  Tee-ing up a shameless plug here, but Purity of Elements is all about the self-care ritual.  Delicately scented products like our Daily Detoxifying Exfoliating Cleanser and Hydrating Body Wash do more than clean your skin- they provide an aromatherapeutic experience- a few moments to focus on you while you escape from the chaos of your day.

Sleep:  Rest is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  It's difficult to cut ourselves off from technology- emails, text messages, phone calls, television, computers, cell phones.  There is no shortage of stimulus!  But putting down the technology and making sleep a priority will help eliminate stress and restore your skin.  Our bodies need a chance to recover and if we aren't getting the recommended seven hours of sleep, than we will wear that fatigue on our faces.  My goal is to be in bed by 10pm and lights out by 10:30pm (editor's note, I was feeling inspired this evening and had to type away...I acknowledge that it's 11:30pm ;)

Do you think you will adopt any of these tips??

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016:

Great Purity Giveaway!!

Hello Friends!  I just wanted to notify everyone of a great giveaway being offered by Purity!  If you LOVE our products as much as we do, take a minute to rate and review us on our Facebook Page and you will automatically be entered to win our Skincare Package- a value of $280!!  Hurry, this promo ends May 31!

Haven't had a chance to try our products yet?  You are in luck!  Today is #TuesdayTrivia on our Facebook Page.  Like our page and join me at 10am for a #TuesdayTrivia question.  First 10 correct answers get this months giveaway- our Travel Size Pore Minimizing Clay Mask!!
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Friday, May 13, 2016:

Is There Anything Better...

Than being alone in your home with your own thoughts?

It's been a long week and I'm still trying to find my footing- new baby, new job, new phases, new  It's hard to feel like I have a minute to catch my breath.

The post-partum and nursing hormones are in full effect so everything that's happening around me is amplified and distracting.  

The world is whizzing by and in my effort to not miss out on moments with the boys, I've fallen back into my "spread yourself way too thin" routine!

Well it's Friday and my sitter just took the crew to an indoor playground and the current stillness in my home has completely diffused the frenetic chaos that builds up inside.

Having a sitter I trust to take my kids out of the house has been a blessing.  So often we hire a sitter for some "time off" but how counter productive to have to spend your "time off" outside of the comforts of your home, likely spending money on top of the money it costs for a sitter?

I only need a half hour to think my own thoughts, to catch my breath, to outline my afternoon and otherwise get my feet back beneath me.  And when I've rebalanced and centered my soul, it is then that I am energized and enthusiastic about the chaos that will ensue as soon as the boys return!

So if you need me, I'll be in my home office, sipping my coffee (only my second cup!), brainstorming about Purity posts and social engagement, while recharging my batteries vs spending my energy recharging the batteries of those around me!

Hope you busy moms get some time to yourself this weekend.  You not only deserve it, you need it!

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Incentivized Giveaway

A quick little Friday FYI post!!!  Purity of Elements if having an amazing incentivized giveaway program.  Do you love our products??   Take a minute to write a review on our Facebook page and you will automatically be entered to win an entire skincare package!!! 

This offer runs through the end of May- Hurry up and start reviewing!!
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Monday, May 9, 2016:

I Realize Yesterday Was Mother's Day...

But today, right now as I snuggle my three month old who is cuddled in my lap, while watching my almost 5 year old master the monkey bars, right now in this beautiful weather (after a week straight of rain), while the chaotic frenzy of the Hallmark holiday wears off- this is when I'm most grateful to be a mom, to have my three boys.  To have the quiet moments that let me find my balance allowing for a moment of sentimental reflection.

I am so so lucky to be a mom.  Today, one day after Mother's Day, I am expressing sincere gratitude and sending vibes of positivity to all moms- those with babies in their arms, bellies, hearts and future!
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