Wednesday, December 7, 2016:

PSA- Body Detox is SOLD OUT :( Don't Fret- Face Care Kit is Still Available!

Ok, so minutes after posting about the incredible Purity of Elements gift sets, I found out that the Body Detox Kit SOLD OUT!  It's no surprise because not only is the kit packed with our best body care products, it was also listed at an incredible value!!  TBD on if/when that bundle will be re-stocked, but in the mean time, make sure you claim the Face Care Kit!! 

Supplies are also limited on this item so hurry to secure your order!!  All of the amazing POE Face care products you love- wrapped up with a bow!

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Holiday Gift Idea!

How adorable are these Purity of Elements Bundles?  The team at POE custom assembled these with serious hydration and detoxification in mind!  They are so adorable.  Best part, they come with a great gift- an authentic smudge stick from a local Pueblo just outside of Santa Fe!

I wrote a bit more about these bundles here, but definitely needed to spread the love to all of you folks!  An amazing value and the ideal gift for the skincare lover on your list!!  And the fine print- we only have so many of these in stock!  This was a our first Holiday Bundle launch!  But they are going fast so hurry up and claim yours!

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Monday, November 28, 2016:

Serious Cyber Monday Savings at Purity TODAY!

I can't believe I didn't post this sooner- especially because I know it's already late in the day on the East Coast!!

But, before these deals slip away, just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Purity of Elements is offering 50% off SITEWIDE today.  Use promo code: CYBER50 at check out!

A few of my friends are eager to try these lovely products, but they aren't sure where to start!  It can be overwhelming, and nothing is more annoying than piece-mealing your skincare routine.  My picks?  Start with what I consider the essential face care trio-

Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser
Radiance Face Serum
Age Defying Moisturizer

If you find that you are dry around the eye area, I'd recommend you throw the Renewing Eye Cream too!

Not interested in changing up your facecare routine?  Fair enough- I have a few friends who have difficult skin and prefer not to mess around with their current regime.  In which case, the body care line is AMAZING!!  My all time favorite, The Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub.  This stuff gets the job done!  Super gritty and smells lovely.  Leaves behind the most delicate scent, too!!

These prices are hard to pass up, so act quickly!!  Hope you fall in love with this skincare line!!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016:

What is Mindful Beauty?

I recently published a post for Purity of Elements about Mindful Beauty.  It's one of our popular #Hashtags and it's often used to define our brand.  I love the concept of mindful beauty and while the terms itself can be rather broad, it also has the ability to encompass many of my beauty and skincare philosophies.

Purity of Elements is an ingredient conscious, holistic, and mindful skincare brand.  The products are infused with proprietary blends of science-backed compounds complimented by botanical ingredients with an ancient history of medicinal effectiveness.  The products are paraben and pthalate free and the brand never tests formulas on animals.

I love how this brand combines the power and technology of modern-day skincare science with the ancient rituals and traditions of native southwest cultures.

If you get a chance, check out my latest post for Purity of Elements here.  I think you will enjoy it and I'd love for you to learn more about the brand!

What are your thoughts on Mindful Beauty?  Does this resonate with your skincare beliefs?
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Saturday, October 29, 2016:

Quick Promotional Reminder!

FRIENDS!!  I just wanted to remind everyone that the Purity of Elements "New Look" promotion ends TOMORROW!!

Our Radiance Face Serum is now 50% off (this is our superhero product and it's backed up by both consumer and clinical claims!!!  If you are interested in adding a serum into your skincare routine, now is the time to experience this one!!!).

PLUS- All other products on our site are 25% off!!

Want to learn more about serums?  Check out this video!  Make sure to subscribe and like this video if you found it helpful!

Hurry, this one ends tomorrow!!

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Friday, October 28, 2016:

What it Feels like to Be Done....

I am reposting this from a community board that I shared it on.  I've edited out some parts but the meat of the post really struck home with a lot of my fellow community members and I thought I would share it with you all too!

There really isn't a closing or a point, just an authentic thought that I wonder if others can relate to.  That said, I hope some folks can gain something from it, even if it is just knowing that this "transition" phase is common.

This baby is our third and we are done. Just writing that feels strange. I go to get togethers and talk about a fourth, bump into friends at the gym and it comes up too. I don't even think I really WANT a fourth, it's just that I don't know how to act as I close up this chapter. I don't know what else to look forward to- and that makes me feel rather blah.

I went back to work part time so that I'd have something to turn my attention too outside of this craziness called motherhood, but I still find myself really uneasy about being "done".

These last 5 years of young motherhood have been filled with such a concentrated intensity. I have moments of past life regret, frustration, marital concerns, etc that are counter balanced by moments of extreme gratitude, overwhelming love and heart-explosion affection for my kids....

And I just don't know how to leave this place of being a mom with a baby on my hip but I just can't imagine another round of sleepless nights, challenging phases (currently have a threenager), and just mind-boggling "busy-ness".

I have three boys and the energy and constant movement has programmed my brain to be in this constant state of "what's next?", "what needs to get done", "who needs a diaper change", "what needs to be packed for school", "It's a Monday, he needs to bring a blanket for rest time", "did I give him his antibiotic?", "did I give him his pro-biotic?", "did they get their vitamins?", "Dinners wrapping up, segue to TV while I clean, then bath, books, bed...".

I have this internal monologue constantly interrupting whatever peace I had before kids (although, I've always had a busy mind). 

It's just a strange place for me. No more conversations about going for another. No more packing up infant and baby hand me downs. But in the absence of considering the next baby, there is this emotionless vacuum and, I'm embarrassed to admit this as a woman, I'm not sure what I'll do or how I'll define myself without the demands of little children.

I know my boys are still young and things get tougher with schedules (which is why I know three is plenty), but when I no longer see myself as being pregnant or nursing, I immediately fast forward my life and get a little sad thinking about it.
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Sunday, October 23, 2016:

My Tips for More Makeup Optional Days!

Healthy skin is having a moment these days!!  We are finding that skincare products with restorative and healing properties are becoming more popular than cosmetics.  There has even been a shift away from cosmetic surgeries as topical treatments become more effective!

You've probably heard of the "Make Up" optional trend that's happening now!  And to be honest, this is my goal in life!!  To wake up, rinse off, and head out!  I am a mom of three young boys and I am constantly on the go!  If I put on any make up, it is minimal at best!  

So here is a little video that features my Make Up Optional Tips!  Enjoy!!

If you like these ideas, please like, comment and share!!

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Monday, October 17, 2016:

Finally Decompressing And Learning to Say No

We have literally been out of our weekend routine since Labor Day.  FOLKS- we have not had a casual weekend at the Brochu house in SIX WEEKS.

It killed me to turn down big reunion plans with my forever girlfriends from high school, but I NEEDED a weekend of selfcare, rest, and relaxation.  A weekend running at full tilt with dad and mom vs. asking a sitter to chip in or expecting one parent to manage it all.

Well, the truth is I had planned to have that kind of weekend but I got a little sidetracked with a fun mom cocktail party on Friday.  Buuuuut, at least we weren't running in a million different directions and I actually had time to collect my thoughts- of which, I have many (but I'll save THOSE for another post).

We had casual snuggle time in the morning while we watched cartoons and ate bagels in bed (might be a new Brochu tradition!).  We finished up our half-baked Halloween decorations.  I even had a chance to clean up our landscaping (although the overgrowth lended itself well to the seasonal flare!).  We all made the trip to the last soccer practice of the season and my oldest even took an impromptu skating lesson with dad.  It wasn't necessarily a quiet weekend, is there such a thing when you have kids??  But at least it was a "stay at home" weekend.

My husband and I do this to ourselves all. the. time.  We have this flurry of activity and commitments that we make but then, when we get to the middle of that social calendar, we are spread so thin and just so worn out that we are miserable.  We will take time to decompress and slowly let the dust settle, but then an evite will be sent out or a fun event will come up.  We will RSVP "yes", afterall, we've been laying low for awhile, and just like that, it starts again- over scheduling.

Does this happen to you?  There are so many things I want to do- fun activities with the family, birthday parties, etc.  And as a mom, I often feel socially isolated so when events come up, I just can't help but say, "Sure!  A chance to interact with other adults."

Before I know it I am over committed and can't enjoy the spontaneous moments, the impromptu playdates that happen at the park or accidental bump ins at Starbucks the evolve into mini catch up sessions with friends.

How many times will we experience this pattern of behavior before we just say, no, we've committed to too much this week, month, etc?

I once had a friend in high school who was permitted one sleep over a month.  That seemed crazy to me as it was honestly my main priority to organize a sleepover ever week!  As a mom, I now understand the need for consistency- even on the weekends.  But what is the right balance?  How many social engagements are enough and what becomes too many?

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Thursday, October 13, 2016:

A Little Video Post on Serums!! Enjoy :)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016:

Purity of Elements Promotion- Stock Up!

Hi Guys!  I just wanted to hop on here super fast to let you know of a Purity of Elements promotion going on RIGHT NOW!!

To celebrate the brand's new site redesign....

50% off of their popular Radiance Face Serum (this stuff is the real has a proprietary blend called Copper 5 Complex which is an antioxidant rich blend of serious skin-loving ingredients)!  The effects of this serum are actually backed up in a consumer based study!!

Purity of Elements is also offering 25% off of all other products....SITEWIDE!!

If you are ready to get serious about skincare, now would be the time to invest in the goods!  This is luxury skincare at its best!!  Paraben and Pthalate free for those of us who have a more mindful approach to skincare!!

No Promo Code Necessary- Happy shopping!!

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Thursday, October 6, 2016:

How To Layer Your Beauty Product- What Comes Next??

Hi Guys!  A few of you have mentioned that you love skincare products but you are never sure what step comes next.  Here is a quick little tutorial on step-by-step product layering when it comes to cleaning your skin!

Hope this helps!!

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Monday, October 3, 2016:

The Truth About Dry Brushing- Video at Bottom

Ok, so here is the truth- I haven't been great about dry brushing.  This step in my skincare routine took a hit when I had to limit my gym, sauna, shower, etc routine to one hour due to childcare retraints- boo!

But I just bought a second one from Purity because the skincare value is SO worth it- so now I have one in my gym locker and one in my home shower.

Ok, and here's the plug.  Purity just lowered the cost to $5.99 and if you buy today, use Promo Code: FALL25 for an add'l 25% off!

So why is dry brushing so good?  Well, I spoke a little bit about it here, but to add some more intel...

Dry brushing is an ancient body detoxifying ritual.  Throughout history, many cultures used dry brushing as part of their cleansing routines and due to its efficacy, it continues to be an essential part of any beauty ritual!

If we look back to Native American cultures, many tribes would use dried corn cobs for their dry brushing needs.  It was likely part of an important detoxifying ritual just like smudging, sweatlodge sessions and fasting.  

What we know today- dry brushing is used for better circulation, lymphatic drainage, and general body detoxification.  The added benefit was the decrease in cellulite, skin exfoliation, pore unclogging (note, don't use on your face!), and skin toning.

How to Dry Brush:
Before showering, take a DRY dry brush and, starting at your feet, work your way upward, towards your heart using gentle, but firm, strokes.  

Want to know more about Dry Brushing- check out my video below!  Subscribe to my channel for more great tips!

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Friday, September 30, 2016:

Notice Anything New??

Hello Friends!!!  Wondering if you guys noticed a little change on The Kate Brochu Blog??  How pretty is my brand new button for Purity of Elements!!??  A big thank you to Ashley at Dinosaur Stew- she does an amazing job at seamlessly pairing my blog with POE Skincare and I could not be more thrilled with the results!!

If you are ever curious about what I am up to with Purity, just click on over!  The link will direct you to the latest Purity Happenings!  LIKE TODAY- check out our 25% off with PROMO CODE: FALL25

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Thursday, September 29, 2016:

Top THREE Must Do Skincare Rituals for Better Skin- PURITY POST

Hi Guys!
Just a quick post to see if you were able to catch my video for Purity!  Here are my THREE STEPS to better skin.  If you do nothing but these three things, you will see healthier, more radiant skin!!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016:

HURRY! LAST DAY!! POE's Fans + Followers Promotion

Hi There!
This is just a friendly reminder that today is the LAST DAY you can score some amazing skincare swag from Purity of Elements!

This is exclusively for the social community (so you won't see any touts on their website).  Key in PROMO CODE: Gratitude at check out and you will receive 20% off your POE Products!


In other news....for the first time in years, I am going to go to a Yoga class tomorrow!  I am so so excited to have found more time in my schedule (thank you Pre-School!!).  I can't wait to compare my high energy cardio work outs to this therapeutic yoga session!

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Monday, September 19, 2016:

Getting Back into Our Groove!

We are finally getting back into our routine which means I am finding a few more moments for ME!  The end of the summer was tough for me.  A constant struggle of finding activities for the boys- something to keep them engaged and entertained, active and social.  But I was running out of ideas (and, if I am being entirely honest, energy!).

These last seven months have been totally unimaginable.  A new baby, a new job, a new routine.  But as exciting as all of these new things have been, it has also been incredibly exhausting!

Trying to maintain my old routine while adding in the demands of a new baby and a new job has been a challenge that I have yet been able to define....the only thing that really comes to mind is just trying to catch my breath but not having the opportunity to completely fill my lungs.

Would I change it- nope.  I am the kind of person that thrives on "to dos".  The more I have to get done, the more gets done.  The less I have to do, the longer it takes for me to do it.

Much like physical fitness, the less energy you have, the more important it is for you to jump up and go for a run.  The more bogged down I am with one element of my life, the more important it is for me to refocus and muster the energy on another component in my life- shifting my focus from family, work, me.

I cannot wait to get back into my blogging routine with you all!  I hope this fall finds you eager to get back into a schedule.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016:

Purity of Elements EXTENDED Social Promotion!

Ok, so maybe I let the cat out of the bag a little early, but here is your official notification!

Purity of Elements Social Appreciation promotion has been extended due to the huge success of their one-day flash sale.  Get involved in this luxury skincare, desert beauty goodness!!

PROMO CODE: Gratitude

The gift-giving season is right around the corner- STOCK UP NOW!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016:

Pssst....More Savings on POE Products!

You didn't hear it from me, but something tells me that due to a successful one-day flash sale, the team at POE might be extending a pretty sweet offer.  Make sure you are following Purity of Elements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can take advantage of this surprise extended offer!!!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016:

A Little POE Housekeeping!

Hi Everyone!
I know I know...I've been the worst at keeping things updated on the blog.  But it is for a very good reason!!  My efforts have transitioned primarily to my Purity of Elements role as we work to relaunch our new website!!!!

I could not be more excited about the "new look" and I cannot wait to unveil all of the beautiful design work and customer-friendly perks once we go live.  Stay tuned!!

This is just a quick reminder to follow all of the Purity social accounts- Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

This brand is so excited to share exclusive promotions with our active social community- so make sure you stay connected!!!

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Thursday, August 25, 2016:

Great "FRENCH PRESS" Tutorial!!

A friend of mine who must know how much I LOVE coffee sent this to me the other day.  Great tips if you are looking for ways to enhance your morning brew!!!

Most mornings I am still half asleep and already barking orders to the kiddos!  But I thoroughly appreciate the nod to slower weekend mornings when I can move a little more slowly and take advantage of Dad's supervision as I sneak into the kitchen for coffee and then back up to snuggle in bed!!

Folgers- you've inspired me to dust off my French Press!!

French Press Video Here :)

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Thursday, July 21, 2016:

Great Savings on Purity Products- Today Only

Hi Guys!  Just dropping in quickly to let you know about a deal going on today only for Purity of Elements!!  We are offering 40% off our products exclusively to our social community.

If you've ever wanted to try our products, now is the time!  I've never seen a deal better than 40% off on our premium quality formulations!!

Shop now and enjoy!!

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Great Deal on Purity Products- Today Only!

Hi Guys!  Just dropping in quickly to let you know about a deal going on today only for Purity of Elements!!  We are offering 40% off our products exclusively to our social community.

If you've ever wanted to try our products, now is the time!  I've never seen a deal better than 40% off on our premium quality formulations!!


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Great Deal on Purity Products- Today Only!

Hi Guys!  Just dropping in quickly to let you know about a deal going on today only for Purity of Elements!!  We are offering 40% off our products exclusively to our social community.

If you've ever wanted to try our products, now is the time!  I've never seen a deal better than 40% off on our premium quality formulations!!


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Great Deal on Purity Products- Today Only!

Hi Guys!  Just dropping in quickly to let you know about a deal going on today only for Purity of Elements!!  We are offering 40% off our products exclusively to our social community.

If you've ever wanted to try our products, now is the time!  I've never seen a deal better than 40% off on our premium quality formulations!!


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Friday, July 8, 2016:

What is Mindful Beauty?

I have now been working with Purity of Elements for just about three months and the experience has been nothing short of eye-opening from a skincare passionista's point of view!  

When I first started, I was very curious about this "skincare inspired by the southwest" approach.  But as I continue to work with the skilled team at POE, I've learned to embrace this desert beauty regimen and I love the "feel good" vibes that just exude from this brand.

I've dropped off the personal blog-o-sphere a bit, but I did want to pop in to share some quick little insights into this brand!

I've always loved the idea of clean and natural beauty but I also know enough about skincare to understand that there are only so many DIY face masks one can try before realizing that there is a place for powerful, science-backed skincare ingredients.

But I am not interested in globbing on toxic and harsh concoctions in the name of beauty.  I am still nursing and I need to be mindful of what I am using on a daily basis.  But, as a busy mom, the exhaustion can really show on my face- the sleepless nights, the endless days...  So I need products that work.

Purity of Elements has harnessed the clean and natural approach and paired it with a less extreme harshness often found in skincare products.  And this is mindful beauty, if you ask me.

Partnering with POE has exposed me to a richer world of Mindful Beauty.  Yes, the topical treatments we use are essential to maintaining our skin's health and resiliency- clean ingredients are important as are the "heavy hitting" ingredients that will restore balance, infuse hydration and increase radiance.

Being aware of what you are putting on to your skin and mindful of the ingredients you choose to introduce into your skincare regimen makes all of the difference when it comes to a healthy, mindful approach to beauty.

But Mindful Beauty goes beyond that.  It's more than the topical treatments...

My thoughts....

It's the appreciation of selfcare and the encouragement to stop and smell the rosehips (an essential ingredient in their Radiance Face Serum) that gets me to fall in love with this brand everytime I experience a new product in their skincare line.

Everything from what we put on our skin to what we put into our bodies influences how we look.  Purity of Elements knows that good skincare starts by restoring balance on the inside.  Healthy living, restorative activities and nutrition play such an important role in skincare.

Purity of Elements in rooted in the high desert of Santa Fe- a region with a powerful history and rich cultural landscape.  POE is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the southwest and respects the healing and restorative properties that come with dedicating time and practice to rituals- whether it's a dedication to selfcare by way of skincare or a ritual dedication to fitness and health, it all plays a role in our skin's health.

It's not just about skin, it's about radiating beauty from the inside by living a balanced life that encourages health and wellness- and Purity of Elements understands that.  Their efforts are focused on skin, but they know that good skincare can only go so far.

As a busy mom who is literally living the cliche that is parenthood, nothing rings more true to me than capitalizing on the small moments I get to myself.  POE's favorite form of selfcare happens to be skincare and I am definitely on board with that!!  Even if it happens at 10pm when the rest of my house is asleep!!

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Monday, June 13, 2016:

Purity of Elements BOGO Event Going on NOW!

Just wanted to leave this right here!  Time to stock up!  Or maybe you are just curious about the brand- perfect time to test out a few new beauty products!  I suggest the serum!

Click here to go to site :)
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016:

Beauty Routine with a Busy Schedule

To say I've been busy is an extreme understatement!  New baby, new job, new season...  can't seem to catch my breath!

But, as a beauty passionista, the one thing I try to stick to is my beauty routine.  Nothing can be more discouraging than a blah beauty day so making my skincare routine a priority actually gives me the encouragement and energy I need to stay on top of my daily game!  Here is a quick AM/PM peek at my busy-body beauty routine!  NOTE: this includes some meals because by now I think we all realize that we really are what we eat!

I'm a big believer in purifying and fueling our bodies first thing in the morning and have gotten into the habit of consuming water first thing- I've noticed a great improvement in my skin!

  • One glass of purified water (and by purified, I mean straight from my refrigerator's water filter) with one scoop of Vital Nutrients Collagen Peptide Powder (more on this on a later blog)
  • One Culturelle probiotic- gut health has a major influence on skin health!
  • Breakfast- usually toast and yogurt, but ideally eggs.  It's essential that I start my morning off on the right foot with a healthy protein.
  • Sunscreen- always and often.  No questions.
I've never been a morning face washer.  I generally shower at night and do a good face cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing ritual that seems to stay with me all night.  Washing again tends to dry me out.  I also rarely wear makeup during a regular day.  If I plan on "putting on a face" as my mother used to say, I will wash and exfoliate to get a good natural glow.

Throughout the day I will reapply sunscreen if I plan on being outside (I've been using Neutrogena's Beach Defense- I bought it at Costco and it came with a travel size that now lives in my purse).  I will also have a sip of coffee with cream and sugar (really trying to give this up but sometimes it's the only thing I have to look forward to on those crazy days!).  And of course, I am always trying to eat healthy.  One of these months I am going to try a raw diet, but while chasing three young kids and nursing, I figure it's best to keep calories up!

After dinner once the kiddos are down I really like to take a few minutes for selfcare- a time to relax and unwind.  Stress-free time can really help with skin health!
  • One cup of green tea with another scoop of Vital Nutrients Collagen Peptide Powder (packaging suggests 1-2 scoops once or twice a day)
  • Cleanse my face with a cream cleanser- loving Purity of Elements Daily Detox Exfoliating Cleanser- it is so indulgent and creamy with such a beautiful scent and never strips my skin of hydration!
  • Serum or Essence- I highly recommend Purity of Elements Radiance Face Serum.  After one use, 86% of consumers experienced more radiant skin.  ONE USE!  When I started working with this brand, I was shocked.  And I've seen only continued skin health as I've routinely used this product.
  • Night Moisturizer
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Thursday, June 2, 2016:

Three Summer Skin Essentials!!!

With Memorial Day behind us, the pools and beaches and playgrounds and all other outdoor summer activities are in full operating mode.  Which means it's time to throw on a good pair of flip flops and venture out!

But first, pay attention to the three tips below and your skin will survive the summer with a beautiful sun-kissed glow :)

Tip #1:
Have A Sunscreen Station in your home:
Notice how I avoided the cliche- "wear sunscreen" tip.  We all know this by now.  The advice is good, the activation is the challenge!!  I have a sunscreen station in my home, just right at the back door- as we run out the door, I squirt just a bit in my hand and lather it on.  I also keep sunscreen in my purse.  And in my car.  And in the diaper bag.  Ok, annnnnd on the back patio table.  So what?  I have a thing for sunscreen AND HEALTHY SKIN!

Tip #2:
Restore Your Skin with Quality Skincare Products:
I am at a skin health milestone now that I am in my mid-thirties.  Those "fine lines and wrinkles" are well on their way.  The pharmacy brand products that worked in my youth just don't cut it anymore.  I need products that pack a punch and I am willing to pay a bit more for them since I've seen the results (worse, I've seen what happens when I don't take care of my skin).  Sure, are there some items in your skincare line up that you can scrimp on, absolutely.  But make sure you compensate by investing in the skincare products that do the heavy lifting.  My personal favorite:  Radiance Face Serum by Purity of Elements.  I love the consistency of this product- very light and quick absorbing- perfect for summer.  I also love the immediate radiance I see after using it!  In a consumer study, after 28 days, 99% of women reported more radiant skin!  Yep.  I'll take it!

Tip #3:
Hydrate from the Inside:
It is amazing what drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will do to your skin.  By depriving your body of the water it needs you dehydrate your cells, including your skin cells.  When skin dries it withers, as does a cell.  Keep cells well hydrated and robust and your skin will have the dewy buoyancy we all crave.  Bored with just water, try my Lemon Water "Tea"!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016:

Supplements For Healthy Skin

Ok, quick little post this morning!  While doing some research for Purity, I stumbled across an article that featured Jennifer Anniston's 5 Beauty Obsessions on Well+Good.  I heart Jennifer and see her as a great example of graceful aging- so of course I read the article.

It was filled with most of the regular beauty and skincare stuff but then I saw a mention for Vital Proteins Collagen Peptide Powder.  What is this stuff?!  Well, according to their website, it's a collagen supplement that promotes youthful skin, joint health, and a whole bunch of other good-for-you-stuff.

Mine arrived in the mail yesterday.  Stay tuned....
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Thursday, May 19, 2016:

Rebalancing Tricks for Beauty

There are some days when I am just spread way too thin.  I'm running from pre-school drop off to karate and back to pre-school pick up!  And somewhere in between I'd like to post on my blog or do some work-related research for Purity!

But by the end of the day, I am spent and exhausted.  Tightly wound and a bit frenetic.  I look in the mirror and my skin is haggard, my eyes are bloodshot.  And I am certain that my frown lines are that much deeper.

The stress of life undoubtedly plays a role in the health of your skin.  So tonight, while my husband is at a work event and (miraculously) all three boys are asleep, I thought I would research some quick de-stressing techniques that can also help in the beauty department.  Here's what I found!

Exercise: According to the Mayo-Clinic, almost any form of exercise will help reduce stress by boosting your endorphins! I personally find that going for a quick run at least 3x a week helps me put my worries into perspective and cleans out my head so I can focus on the positive.  How is exercise good for your skin?  Well, anything that boosts your body's circulation is going to help keep your skin vibrant and glowing!

A Cup of Tea:  Me time.  I rarely get it yet always crave it.  Taking the time to enjoy a cup of tea helps your body slow down, rest, restore.  And sipping on Green Tea infuses your body with skin-protecting antioxidants that will boost your radiance while fighting off free radicals!

Hot water with Lemon:  Like a cup of tea, a nice hot cup of lemon water usually means I've finally gotten a minute to myself- a moment for self-care!  Any consumption of water, hot or cold, helps with hydration (dry, dehydrated skin is the #1 cause of premature aging) and adding a few lemon slices is thought to help detoxify your body.  Jam-packed with antioxidants, lemon water can help fight against free radicals while the Vitamin C helps repair damaged skin cells. 

Skincare Ritual:  A good skincare ritual is essential for more than just your skin.  Retreating to a spa or even taking five to ten minutes before bedtime to focus on your skin can have major de-stressing capabilities.  Tee-ing up a shameless plug here, but Purity of Elements is all about the self-care ritual.  Delicately scented products like our Daily Detoxifying Exfoliating Cleanser and Hydrating Body Wash do more than clean your skin- they provide an aromatherapeutic experience- a few moments to focus on you while you escape from the chaos of your day.

Sleep:  Rest is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  It's difficult to cut ourselves off from technology- emails, text messages, phone calls, television, computers, cell phones.  There is no shortage of stimulus!  But putting down the technology and making sleep a priority will help eliminate stress and restore your skin.  Our bodies need a chance to recover and if we aren't getting the recommended seven hours of sleep, than we will wear that fatigue on our faces.  My goal is to be in bed by 10pm and lights out by 10:30pm (editor's note, I was feeling inspired this evening and had to type away...I acknowledge that it's 11:30pm ;)

Do you think you will adopt any of these tips??

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016:

Great Purity Giveaway!!

Hello Friends!  I just wanted to notify everyone of a great giveaway being offered by Purity!  If you LOVE our products as much as we do, take a minute to rate and review us on our Facebook Page and you will automatically be entered to win our Skincare Package- a value of $280!!  Hurry, this promo ends May 31!

Haven't had a chance to try our products yet?  You are in luck!  Today is #TuesdayTrivia on our Facebook Page.  Like our page and join me at 10am for a #TuesdayTrivia question.  First 10 correct answers get this months giveaway- our Travel Size Pore Minimizing Clay Mask!!
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Friday, May 13, 2016:

Is There Anything Better...

Than being alone in your home with your own thoughts?

It's been a long week and I'm still trying to find my footing- new baby, new job, new phases, new  It's hard to feel like I have a minute to catch my breath.

The post-partum and nursing hormones are in full effect so everything that's happening around me is amplified and distracting.  

The world is whizzing by and in my effort to not miss out on moments with the boys, I've fallen back into my "spread yourself way too thin" routine!

Well it's Friday and my sitter just took the crew to an indoor playground and the current stillness in my home has completely diffused the frenetic chaos that builds up inside.

Having a sitter I trust to take my kids out of the house has been a blessing.  So often we hire a sitter for some "time off" but how counter productive to have to spend your "time off" outside of the comforts of your home, likely spending money on top of the money it costs for a sitter?

I only need a half hour to think my own thoughts, to catch my breath, to outline my afternoon and otherwise get my feet back beneath me.  And when I've rebalanced and centered my soul, it is then that I am energized and enthusiastic about the chaos that will ensue as soon as the boys return!

So if you need me, I'll be in my home office, sipping my coffee (only my second cup!), brainstorming about Purity posts and social engagement, while recharging my batteries vs spending my energy recharging the batteries of those around me!

Hope you busy moms get some time to yourself this weekend.  You not only deserve it, you need it!

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Incentivized Giveaway

A quick little Friday FYI post!!!  Purity of Elements if having an amazing incentivized giveaway program.  Do you love our products??   Take a minute to write a review on our Facebook page and you will automatically be entered to win an entire skincare package!!! 

This offer runs through the end of May- Hurry up and start reviewing!!
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Monday, May 9, 2016:

I Realize Yesterday Was Mother's Day...

But today, right now as I snuggle my three month old who is cuddled in my lap, while watching my almost 5 year old master the monkey bars, right now in this beautiful weather (after a week straight of rain), while the chaotic frenzy of the Hallmark holiday wears off- this is when I'm most grateful to be a mom, to have my three boys.  To have the quiet moments that let me find my balance allowing for a moment of sentimental reflection.

I am so so lucky to be a mom.  Today, one day after Mother's Day, I am expressing sincere gratitude and sending vibes of positivity to all moms- those with babies in their arms, bellies, hearts and future!
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Friday, April 29, 2016:

What A Week

I miss you guys!  I miss posting here!  I was just sitting here thinking about how wild these last few months have been (and how fast they went by!!)- new baby, trip to Santa Fe, back to work....

It has been a lot to settle into- but SO worth it!!!

Getting up and running has taken me away from here but as the dust settles and as I find my rhythm, and as I slowly exhale into the weekend, I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things!

I want to continue to share my ramblings with you, my Purity updates, my life updates, my mom-of-three-boys updates!

Thank you for being such a supportive platform for me and for reading, sharing, and relating to my posts!!

So as I slowly start to wrap up for the weekend, I'll leave you with this...

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016:

Cooing on a Conference Call

By now I hope you have all heard the news!!

I joined the Purity of Elements team as their Director of Product Education and I could not be more excited!!!

We had a lot of fun last week as I took over their social sites and I look forward to posting more!

Make sure to follow us for beauty news, tips and promotions:
Twitter: @POESkincare
Facebook: Purity of Elements
Insta: POESkincare

I just wanted to take a quick moment (or dare I say #POEment) to express how grateful I am for this opportunity.  And I hope this resonates with my mom friends who are working so hard to find that balance...something I struggled with from the day my first son was born.

Four years.  FOUR YEARS.  That's how long I've been trying to pair my corporate marketing experience with my desire to get involved in broadcasting.


I want to be that engaged mom who is there for drop offs and pick ups, while being able to keep my life beyond mom intact; to have something to "go back to" as my children age out of the young years.

I want to be the class mom and the mystery reader (note to self, don't forget to send email to teacher about being the mystery reader...).

I want to sign up for healthy snack day and chaperone the field trips.  I want all of that.... without people criticizing me for whining about how I want it all or forcing me to decide between work and family and balance.

While still earning an income that is inline with my qualifications, even though my "qualifications" aren't always going to be available eight hours a day, five days a week.

And folks.  I think I found just that.

But first, let's talk about timing...

I first heard from the Purity of Elements team when I was 36 weeks pregnant- probably not the ideal situation for anyone looking to serve as a sophisticated brand ambassador for a skincare line.  We had a conference call with the entire corporate team which was just a bit nerve-wracking!  But my deep desire for this role kept my nerves at bay as I answered the questions with enthusiasm and authenticity.

The next step, an in-person meeting in the city.

I was swollen and in full waddle mode.  But I pulled myself together, found the most flattering maternity shirt one could find that late in the game (Thank you Isabella Oliver!), squeezed my feet into my heals and trudged myself and my belly into New York City.

Lunch was delightful and productive.  I was confident.  And now....the waiting game...

We went on to have our beautiful baby boy,  settle in as a family, and find our rhythm as a five-some before POE and I connected to pick up where we left off.  We continued our conversations and got to know each other as best we could virtually but eventually it was time for me to officially meet the team at their offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

By far the boldest thing I have ever done as a mom.... I said YES.  Not a gleeful, enthusiastic, yippie "yes".  An assertive "yes".

I cradled the phone in my neck as I cradled my three week old in my arms and boldy agreed to travel to the other side of the country to pursue my dream job.

I didn't recognize this version of me.  I was confident that I would be really great in the role that had since expanded beyond QVC spokesperson and into the realms of social marketing.  I knew I could offer so much to this company and, most importantly, this company could offer so much to ME.

And as my heart & soul struggled with my decision to travel so far from my new little man, and as the hormones surged and the anxiety grew, I fought back that fear and packed my pump.

I couldn't help but think about Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" movement and how, ironically, I actually have a general disliking for the concept.  In full transparency, I haven't read the book (because, you know, mom of three kids four and under) so perhaps there is more to this simple catchphrase that so easily sums up such an emotionally and physically complex scenario, but I wondered if maybe my ability to say "Yes" was based on the fact that this dream job was so inline with my passions, beliefs and corporate experience and that this role offered the schedule and flexibility that a parent to young children really needs- maybe saying "yes" didn't actually mean I had to "lean in" too far?

I had already been sold on the skincare line- it's lovely and feminine and delicate and, most of all, effective.  But this isn't a sales pitch.  This isn't "Kate the spokesperson", this is Kate the PERSON...the mom, the wife, the woman constantly at odds with what she wants and what she needs when she wants it when she needs it...

What really made me fall head over heels in LOVE with this company was this....

As we worked to coordinate itineraries and travel dates, at the beginning of every phone conversation, the team at Purity of Elements made it very clear that getting back to my baby was a priority.  They even invited me to bring the little guy along and promised that he wouldn't be an inconvenience and that there would be plenty of people willing to help and privacy for nursing.  Ok, and wait for this...they went one step further even offering accommodations for my ENTIRE FAMILY- husband and three kiddos- if it made me feel more comfortable.

IMAGINE THAT!  A company wanting to accommodate a serious candidate as they considered them for a role within their company.

Ok, ok, I realize that this is a very unique situation and I guess we can't expect that every company would be willing to do this.  We were very far along in conversations and we were also working with a production and air-date calendar that we had very little control over.

But I was BLOWN away by their hospitality and willingness to accommodate my very real mom-of-a-newborn needs- especially in this era of "bounce back mom bods" and comical family leave benefits and corporate expectations from parents who just welcomed a baby into this world and all of the crazy CRAZY demands a new family must undergo while they struggle and balance the mind-bleep that is being a parent....and how we don't support moms and how a mother's mental health is undervalued and how sometimes even embracing the privilege of being a parent, working or otherwise, comes with an undercurrent of oppressive subjection that no one will ever understand until they are in it.... (whew, let me tuck that heat away for another post because CLEARLY there's a lot to discuss here).

Moving on....

Ultimately, I decided to go solo.  For one, my little guy had not received all of his vaccinations so flying was discouraged and my husband, although eager to go and happy to help, worried that he might get a little stir crazy with two toddlers and an infant in a new place, far from our familiar playgrounds and activities.

While being away from the family was incredibly difficult, I stayed focused on the task at hand- learning about the brand and the expectations, taking in the Santa Fe culture and scenery, and contemplating about my future with this company.

All of our conversations and trainings went well and now it was time to sign on.

The deal maker, as I sputtered out something along the lines of "under promise over deliver", "balancing the kiddos", "want to contribute but want to be honest about my life stage".... The response...and I am what you can and if there is a day when the kids just aren't having it, we will reschedule.

Oh my goodness...a brand that doesn't just talk about "restoring balance" but ACTUALLY BELIEVES IT and UNDERSTANDS IT???

My 2.5 month old sitting in on a conference call #workinglunch...get it! Ha!
I am so happy to be a part of this team. I am so lucky to have a boss who understands that there might be a baby cooing on a conference call or that a four year old might pop in for a quick kiss and hug before the babysitter takes him to the playground (yes, just to be clear, I do have a rockstar sitter who helps out for a few hours during the week so that I can crank away on work because let's be honest, while we can only hope for bosses and colleagues who respect our desire to have a balance and to "have it all",  my kids are still trying to figure this all out).

I also want to be clear about having put in the hours.  This wasn't just a random job interview.  This was an opportunity that arose after FOUR years of putting in the unpaid hours, establishing a reputation, and demonstrating a strong and reliable work ethic.  It is the culmination of nearly a decade working in corporate sales and marketing (and while I didn't always LOVE those jobs, not a day goes by that I don't realize how much I learned in those jobs- and if I could tag all of you who influenced me, I would!).  It's about having shown a trustworthiness that a company must see before agreeing to pay for hours worked remotely from your home on the opposite side of the country.

And because of their faith in me and their approach to a healthy life balance, I pledge to do my best!! And if you missed it in an earlier post- tapping into my intenSati approach- I'm doing my best and, as moms, we must acknowledge that our best is enough!

Thank you, Purity of Elements for this amazing opportunity.  And to my moms who totally get it, stay positive, stay driven, stay balanced.


I just want to add a small disclaimer because I realize that very few of us have an opportunity to take time and carve out a niche to establish and reflect on who we want to be because we are too busy being who we HAVE to be- a breadwinner, a homemaker, a caregiver, or any number of things we need to be before we can be the person we want to be.  But I offer this post up and hope that this content can be shared so that it can join the conversation that is so desperately needed to drive change in the life/balance arena. #family #balance #life

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Monday, April 25, 2016:

Tis the Season for Sunburn!!

Ok, folks, so we all should be wearing sunscreen on the daily, right?  We know it's important to protect our skin all. year. long.....right?!

Now that we are on the same page for self skin care, I want to take a second to talk about your baby's skin.  Truthfully, I'm not sure how I feel about putting sunscreen on my kiddos everyday.  We do spend a lot of time in the outdoors, and in the summer I lather it on, but if I am being entirely honest, I don't use sunscreen on them all year long.

That said, now that the sun is officially here (thank GOODNESS, this weather has been driving me nuts), I've been on the search for sensitive, BROAD SPECTRUM sun screens that we can use daily.

I recently received some samples from Arbonne and loved their ABC Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen.  This screen, while emollient and thick, spreads into a really silky layer and absorbs quickly.  It has a very faint "sunscreeny" smell but is otherwise scent free! 

The ABC Arbonne Baby Care sunscreen is SPF 30 and is designed with baby's soft, sensitive skin in mind.  Formulated with antioxidants, vitamins and natural botanicals...what's not to love? 

Want to learn more about this sunscreen to see if it is a good fit for you and your family??   Check out Kristyn's link for more amazing Arbonne products!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016:

Copper What?

Copper 5 heard it hear first!!!

Copper Salts, Grapeseed Oil, Green Tea Extract, White Tea Extract, and Vitamin E.  


That's the differentiator between other skincare lines and Purity of Elements- our very own Proprietarty Blend.  You won't find it anywhere else but at POE.

This proprietary blend is PACKED with powerful, hardworking, skin loving goodness!  

Independently these ingredients are powerhouses in the skincare category.  Mix them together and you've got an unstoppable skincare superhero!

Get more bite-size beauty tips!! Are you following @POESkincare on Twitter & Insta?  Have you liked Purity of Elements on Facebook?

K. Brochu is a paid spokesperson for POE Skincare

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016:

My 48 Hour Social Takeover for Purity of Elements!

Did you catch yesterday's exciting news?!  ICYMI, I have officially joined the amazing Purity of Elements Team as their Director of Product education and I could not be more thrilled!  Read more about this amazing brand and my role here!  BUT FIRST, are we connected??

This morning I kickoff my very fun social media takeover- I can't wait to introduce myself to the fans of this brand and I invite you to follow along with me as I share how POE fits into my life!

Make sure we are all synched!


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Monday, April 18, 2016:

Joining the Purity of Elements Team!!

So here's the big news!!! 

I am so thrilled to join an amazing team at Purity of Elements as their Director of Product Education!

Purity of Elements is more than just skincare!  It's a lifestyle brand that values a holistic approach to healthy beauty and overall well-being.  Inspired by the elevated deserts of the Southwest, POE taps into the rich culture, ancient traditions, and resilient flora of the region to bring us hard working, naturally derived, and science-backed skincare technology that will help restore balance, infuse hydration and address the signs of aging.

Part of my responsibilities as the Director of Product education is to represent this amazing brand on QVC!!  That's right my friends, you'll be able to tune in and see my face on "The Q" as I share more information about our SUPERHERO product, our Radiance Face Serum (tried it. loved it. had to have it....and now I get to work for the company who made it.  Not bad at all!).

I blog a lot about skincare and have had a ton of opportunities to experience and review skincare products.  But what stood out for me with Purity of Elements was the overall approach to health and well-being as it related to aging gracefully.  POE prioritizes self-care and who better to appreciate that than this mom of three young sons?! 

We've heard the story 1,000 times but for every mom, it never gets old.  We prioritize EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else before we take a minute to ourselves- over-committing and spreading ourselves way too thin.  POE encourages women to Stop. Pause. and take a minute to restore balance to your life (and to your skin).  For me, it's the 15 minutes I embrace before bedtime as I do my skincare ritual.  It's more than just healthy skin- it's taking time for ME for a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

I am so excited for all that is to come!  Stay connected with POE on Twitter, Facebook- don't miss out on all of our news and updates!


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Sunday, April 17, 2016:

Sunday Night Teaser!!

Psst- make sure to stop by the blog tomorrow!  It might not be first thing isn't the AM, but there will be a very fun announcement posted tomorrow!!

Stay tuned...

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Sunday, April 3, 2016:

Post Pregnancy Beauty!

I have officially gotten the all clear to resume all pre-pregnancy activities and I could NOT be happier about it!!

I've started to get back into the running routine- up to three (very slow) miles and I am starting to feel like myself again.  Without exercise and the opportunity to run away the crazy, I get a little cooky- so good to exert that frenetic energy in order to achieve my mom zen!

And what's in store on the beauty front...  I'm nursing so I still have some topical cream restrictions but I cannot wait to try a little IPL treatment!!

After each one of my pregnancies I feel a little worn out- sleep deprivation doesn't help!!  I'll make sure to post some before and afters when I get it done!!

in the meantime, here are a few pics from google- let's see if my results are as dramatic!!

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Monday, March 21, 2016:

Faith & Fortune Cookies

I'm just a few days away from a trip out west and I am so optimistic about what's to come!  I'm staying positive and I have faith that I will succeed in the goals I hope to achieve while in Santa Fe.

Optimism, positivity and confidence- all great things.  But it never hurts to come across this on-point fortune cookie prophecy!!  

Please send good vibes my way!!

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Friday, March 18, 2016:

Hope The Luck Continues!!

Just a little morning thought....

I'm a firm believer in the power of positivity!!  And luck!  But I am also a realist that knows true success comes to those who are positive, lucky and PREPARED!!

I'm excited about future opportunities and hope that my dedication to my craft pays off!!  And I hope that all of you looking to reach the goals you've set for yourself find the motivation to prepare and the luck and positivity that will help you succeed!!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016:

Love This

I'm part of a group called Miracle Minded Moms- it's a destination where we share inspiration and vulnerability.  I saw this quote and as someone who prides herself on being buttoned up and on point, sometimes I have to remember this.  Sometimes it's safer to just let things go, to not try and defend or control.  To move on.  In a life that lacks much control (hello parents of the universe), it's hard to give up the limited control I do have.  But perhaps I am safer to just surrender, to admit my defenselessness.  Control is just an illusion that usually leaves me frustrated- learning to surrender has greatly increased my happiness.

I have my "me time"- limited as it may be (and likely including a facial or massage)- and it's important for me to have control over something- my skincare regimen or exercise routine.

But overall, I must remind myself that it's in the times of complete surrender and when I am at my most vulnerable that I am at my safest.

How do you interpret this?  Does it resonate with you?

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Monday, March 14, 2016:

This Little Cartoon Made Me Laugh Out Loud!! Exactly How I Feel Most Days!


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Friday, March 11, 2016:

Friday Funny

So this just happened!  Oye!  

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Thursday, March 10, 2016:

No Better Way To Start The Day

Whoop whoop!  I've been hinting at this skincare line in some of my posts recently and I am so excited to finally have my hands on the entire Purity of Elements skincare line!!!

Can't wait to play with these grade A products and share my thoughts!!!

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Saturday, March 5, 2016:

Functional Kitchen Organizing Idea

While in the throes of pregnancy nesting I had a major kitchen decluttering!  I left only my cute, glass hand soap dispenser on the counter next to the sink.

It looked great!  But...

It was such a pain to pull out the dish soap every time I had to rinse something.  And as any mom will tell you, with my hands constantly washing dishes or washing germs, they are always dry!  I'd always leave the sink to go to the powder room to grab some lotion.

I realize bending down to get the dish soap and rounding a corner to get hand lotion aren't the worst problems to have but inconvenience and inefficiency are my pet peeves.

So my cute (if I do say so myself) solution...

Four things here:
1. Glass pump dispensers (IKEA)
2. Sticky decorative chalk board labels (Walmart)
3. Silver permanent marker
4. Decorative Bath Tray (Bed Bath & Beyond)

As my four year old would say, "Easy peasy, lemon squeezey!"

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Friday, March 4, 2016:

Fear Will NOT Get in the Way

Some days I need to channel this saying and weave it into my daily affirmations (note to self: start daily affirmations).  More on this later, folks ;)

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016:

How I Feel About My Post Partum Diet & Exercise Plans!

Two more weeks to go before the all-clear from the doctor and this is EXACTLY what I'm thinking!

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Saturday, February 27, 2016:

National Rare Disease Day

If you've been following along, you know that just under four weeks ago, we welcomed our third baby boy, Cameron, into the world!  We were so excited to bring him home to meet his big brothers, Liam and Finn!

As luck would have it, everyone had head colds when we came home.  And while I was certain is was just part of having a baby born during cold and flu season, a familiar anxiety started to creep into my mind- likely intensified by the pregnancy hormones!

Our home was built in the 1920s and we know that there is asbestos behind the walls and insulating the pipes.  I'll never forget the day we had our home inspection.  The inspector looked into a hole in our basement wall and pointed out the whispy insulation that wrapped around the old and obsolete pipes deep within the walls.  With 100% certainty he identified the insulation as asbestos.

While he assured me that I had nothing to worry about so long as the asbestos was not disturbed, I had moments of panic at the idea of raising a family in a home with asbestos.  I was 25 weeks pregnant with our second son and I couldn't stop thinking about unintentionally exposing my children to this dangerous substance.

While I am confident that we have rectified the asbestos situation, from time to time, when my two year old can't get over a head cold or when we all have a cough, I wonder...."what if?" and I'm reminded of wife, mother, and survivor, Heather Von St. James, and her scary diagnosis with Mesothelioma, a rare disease that affects the lining of your internal organs- most commonly, your lungs- caused by exposure to asbestos.

She was exposed to asbestos as a young child.  Heather's father worked in construction and was often covered in the drywall he worked with daily.  The dust that covered his jacket, a jacket Heather loved to wear herself, was laced with the microscopic asbestos particles that cause mesothelioma.  Little did she know she was breathing in the harmful particles that would later compromise her health.

Just months after the birth of her daughter, Heather was diagnosed with this rare disease and given 15 months to live.  However with effective treatment and the care from exceptional doctors, she is now a mesothelioma survivor.  Learn more about her story here.

I'm sharing this post because Monday is National Rare Disease Day- a national campaign to raise awareness of rare diseases, including Mesothelioma.

Please take a moment to look at the infographic below and to learn more about Heather's story and Mesothelioma.

I'm using my blog and my voice to build hope and awareness.

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Friday, February 26, 2016:

Love, Your Passive Aggressive Housewife

Have you guys seen the new laundry detergent ad that encourages fathers to #sharetheload?  I LOVE it (and I could probably write a really thought-provoking post about it.  You know, if I had a bit more time).

I really love the idea of dads getting home from work and acknowledging that it's not their turn to just veg out on the couch while mom, whether she works in or out of the house, continues to wrangle the kids, the chores and the other 10000000000 other things that need to get done before bedtime.

I'm in an interesting situation.  While my husband is willing to "share the load" (shout out to the time he proactively did middle-of-the-night sheet duty after an unexpected bedwetting!), it's hard for him to chip in because he usually leaves the house by 6:30am and doesn't get home until 7pm (nice try honey, but are never home by 6:30p as your text messages so often promise).  But there are some things he can handle before the kids wake up or after bedtime when he gets home.  The garbage and recycling are two examples of ways he can really #sharetheload.

Even the best husbands can let things slip through the cracks and today, on the last day of the week when I am managing this three v. one defense situation and after a text from my husband suggesting that he will miss bedtime for the fifth time this week due to an unexpected work meeting, well, my passive aggressive housewife reared her ugly head (ok, she's not THAT ugly...she's just tired and maybe a little overwhelmed and the coffee she made yesterday morning is still sitting under the Kuerig so let's give her a break and tell her "you look great!  Can't believe you JUST had a baby!").

So happy Friday to the moms who made it through the week and to their #sharetheload husbands.  But incase your week was just a bit tougher, I hope you appreciate this text from a passive aggressive housewife.

Sorry honey.  Love you.  Kisses.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016:

Put Newborn Down...

And snuggle two year old...even if he finds me annoying!

I'm here realizing that, while my love multiples, my time is divided!  I am embracing this mantra so that I proactively show time-intensive affection to all of my boys when I can.  

It's so easy to snuggle up with the new guy and rock on my glider while I say "ok, one more show" to my relatively content toddler.  But while the baby dozes I want to set him down and give my big boys the attention they so totally deserve!!

Mom of three struggles!!
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016:

When it's rainy and cold at the end of February...

You paint your nails fluorescent PINK!  Bring on Spring!

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