Saturday, October 29, 2016:

Quick Promotional Reminder!

FRIENDS!!  I just wanted to remind everyone that the Purity of Elements "New Look" promotion ends TOMORROW!!

Our Radiance Face Serum is now 50% off (this is our superhero product and it's backed up by both consumer and clinical claims!!!  If you are interested in adding a serum into your skincare routine, now is the time to experience this one!!!).

PLUS- All other products on our site are 25% off!!

Want to learn more about serums?  Check out this video!  Make sure to subscribe and like this video if you found it helpful!

Hurry, this one ends tomorrow!!

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Friday, October 28, 2016:

What it Feels like to Be Done....

I am reposting this from a community board that I shared it on.  I've edited out some parts but the meat of the post really struck home with a lot of my fellow community members and I thought I would share it with you all too!

There really isn't a closing or a point, just an authentic thought that I wonder if others can relate to.  That said, I hope some folks can gain something from it, even if it is just knowing that this "transition" phase is common.

This baby is our third and we are done. Just writing that feels strange. I go to get togethers and talk about a fourth, bump into friends at the gym and it comes up too. I don't even think I really WANT a fourth, it's just that I don't know how to act as I close up this chapter. I don't know what else to look forward to- and that makes me feel rather blah.

I went back to work part time so that I'd have something to turn my attention too outside of this craziness called motherhood, but I still find myself really uneasy about being "done".

These last 5 years of young motherhood have been filled with such a concentrated intensity. I have moments of past life regret, frustration, marital concerns, etc that are counter balanced by moments of extreme gratitude, overwhelming love and heart-explosion affection for my kids....

And I just don't know how to leave this place of being a mom with a baby on my hip but I just can't imagine another round of sleepless nights, challenging phases (currently have a threenager), and just mind-boggling "busy-ness".

I have three boys and the energy and constant movement has programmed my brain to be in this constant state of "what's next?", "what needs to get done", "who needs a diaper change", "what needs to be packed for school", "It's a Monday, he needs to bring a blanket for rest time", "did I give him his antibiotic?", "did I give him his pro-biotic?", "did they get their vitamins?", "Dinners wrapping up, segue to TV while I clean, then bath, books, bed...".

I have this internal monologue constantly interrupting whatever peace I had before kids (although, I've always had a busy mind). 

It's just a strange place for me. No more conversations about going for another. No more packing up infant and baby hand me downs. But in the absence of considering the next baby, there is this emotionless vacuum and, I'm embarrassed to admit this as a woman, I'm not sure what I'll do or how I'll define myself without the demands of little children.

I know my boys are still young and things get tougher with schedules (which is why I know three is plenty), but when I no longer see myself as being pregnant or nursing, I immediately fast forward my life and get a little sad thinking about it.
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Sunday, October 23, 2016:

My Tips for More Makeup Optional Days!

Healthy skin is having a moment these days!!  We are finding that skincare products with restorative and healing properties are becoming more popular than cosmetics.  There has even been a shift away from cosmetic surgeries as topical treatments become more effective!

You've probably heard of the "Make Up" optional trend that's happening now!  And to be honest, this is my goal in life!!  To wake up, rinse off, and head out!  I am a mom of three young boys and I am constantly on the go!  If I put on any make up, it is minimal at best!  

So here is a little video that features my Make Up Optional Tips!  Enjoy!!

If you like these ideas, please like, comment and share!!

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Monday, October 17, 2016:

Finally Decompressing And Learning to Say No

We have literally been out of our weekend routine since Labor Day.  FOLKS- we have not had a casual weekend at the Brochu house in SIX WEEKS.

It killed me to turn down big reunion plans with my forever girlfriends from high school, but I NEEDED a weekend of selfcare, rest, and relaxation.  A weekend running at full tilt with dad and mom vs. asking a sitter to chip in or expecting one parent to manage it all.

Well, the truth is I had planned to have that kind of weekend but I got a little sidetracked with a fun mom cocktail party on Friday.  Buuuuut, at least we weren't running in a million different directions and I actually had time to collect my thoughts- of which, I have many (but I'll save THOSE for another post).

We had casual snuggle time in the morning while we watched cartoons and ate bagels in bed (might be a new Brochu tradition!).  We finished up our half-baked Halloween decorations.  I even had a chance to clean up our landscaping (although the overgrowth lended itself well to the seasonal flare!).  We all made the trip to the last soccer practice of the season and my oldest even took an impromptu skating lesson with dad.  It wasn't necessarily a quiet weekend, is there such a thing when you have kids??  But at least it was a "stay at home" weekend.

My husband and I do this to ourselves all. the. time.  We have this flurry of activity and commitments that we make but then, when we get to the middle of that social calendar, we are spread so thin and just so worn out that we are miserable.  We will take time to decompress and slowly let the dust settle, but then an evite will be sent out or a fun event will come up.  We will RSVP "yes", afterall, we've been laying low for awhile, and just like that, it starts again- over scheduling.

Does this happen to you?  There are so many things I want to do- fun activities with the family, birthday parties, etc.  And as a mom, I often feel socially isolated so when events come up, I just can't help but say, "Sure!  A chance to interact with other adults."

Before I know it I am over committed and can't enjoy the spontaneous moments, the impromptu playdates that happen at the park or accidental bump ins at Starbucks the evolve into mini catch up sessions with friends.

How many times will we experience this pattern of behavior before we just say, no, we've committed to too much this week, month, etc?

I once had a friend in high school who was permitted one sleep over a month.  That seemed crazy to me as it was honestly my main priority to organize a sleepover ever week!  As a mom, I now understand the need for consistency- even on the weekends.  But what is the right balance?  How many social engagements are enough and what becomes too many?

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Thursday, October 13, 2016:

A Little Video Post on Serums!! Enjoy :)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016:

Purity of Elements Promotion- Stock Up!

Hi Guys!  I just wanted to hop on here super fast to let you know of a Purity of Elements promotion going on RIGHT NOW!!

To celebrate the brand's new site redesign....

50% off of their popular Radiance Face Serum (this stuff is the real has a proprietary blend called Copper 5 Complex which is an antioxidant rich blend of serious skin-loving ingredients)!  The effects of this serum are actually backed up in a consumer based study!!

Purity of Elements is also offering 25% off of all other products....SITEWIDE!!

If you are ready to get serious about skincare, now would be the time to invest in the goods!  This is luxury skincare at its best!!  Paraben and Pthalate free for those of us who have a more mindful approach to skincare!!

No Promo Code Necessary- Happy shopping!!

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Thursday, October 6, 2016:

How To Layer Your Beauty Product- What Comes Next??

Hi Guys!  A few of you have mentioned that you love skincare products but you are never sure what step comes next.  Here is a quick little tutorial on step-by-step product layering when it comes to cleaning your skin!

Hope this helps!!

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Monday, October 3, 2016:

The Truth About Dry Brushing- Video at Bottom

Ok, so here is the truth- I haven't been great about dry brushing.  This step in my skincare routine took a hit when I had to limit my gym, sauna, shower, etc routine to one hour due to childcare retraints- boo!

But I just bought a second one from Purity because the skincare value is SO worth it- so now I have one in my gym locker and one in my home shower.

Ok, and here's the plug.  Purity just lowered the cost to $5.99 and if you buy today, use Promo Code: FALL25 for an add'l 25% off!

So why is dry brushing so good?  Well, I spoke a little bit about it here, but to add some more intel...

Dry brushing is an ancient body detoxifying ritual.  Throughout history, many cultures used dry brushing as part of their cleansing routines and due to its efficacy, it continues to be an essential part of any beauty ritual!

If we look back to Native American cultures, many tribes would use dried corn cobs for their dry brushing needs.  It was likely part of an important detoxifying ritual just like smudging, sweatlodge sessions and fasting.  

What we know today- dry brushing is used for better circulation, lymphatic drainage, and general body detoxification.  The added benefit was the decrease in cellulite, skin exfoliation, pore unclogging (note, don't use on your face!), and skin toning.

How to Dry Brush:
Before showering, take a DRY dry brush and, starting at your feet, work your way upward, towards your heart using gentle, but firm, strokes.  

Want to know more about Dry Brushing- check out my video below!  Subscribe to my channel for more great tips!

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