Thursday, August 27, 2015:

This Is What Dieting Looks Like in Our Home

😂 Amirite?!?  Scary Mommy is!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015:

Road Trip!!

It amazes me that just a few years ago, driving alone with my kids for more than a quick errand made me sick to my stomach with stress.  The crying, the diaper changes, the inability to soothe a screaming baby on the highway was just too much!

Fast forward to today and we are headed over the river and through the woods!  Road tripping with my boys!!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015:

Ok...So What is All of This Rodan + Fields Buzz

I've been approached by a few representatives from Rodan + Fields.  And of course, as a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, I was curious and interested.  But I just never got around to really learning much about the brand.   That is, until my good friend Allie reached out to me to see if I needed any products or wanted to be involved in the company.

While I love the idea of an independent revenue stream that can be managed from home, I worried that it might be a conflict of interest for my QVC Beauty Guest Host goals!  But, I still wanted to learn about the products!

So, between a few quick FB exchanges, Allie agreed to send me some goodies to try out!

I'm a tired and exhausted mom (just incase that wasn't clear from some of my blog posts).  I go to bed late, I wake up early and, if we are being totally honest, I really don't remember the last time I've actually slept through the night (between two kids and two dogs, someone is always needing something!).

So I really look for products that WORK- I don't have time (or money) to waste on items that don't give me a good bang for my buck.  And I need the heavy hitters to hide the exhaustion and fatigue!!  With all of this Rodan + Fields beauty buzz lately, I felt like I had to give it a shot.

Ok, so first things first....

You've all heard me complain about what this summer has been doing to my skin- sunscreen, sweat, repeat.  My pores are constantly clogged and I feel a general build up and dullness at the end of the day.  So I was thrilled when I received R+F Enhancements Micro Dermabrasion Paste.

Designed to enhance cell turn over and improve skin's tone and texture, this was right up my seasonal beauty need alley.  What I found really neat about this is that you have a bit of control over how gentle or aggressive you want to go with the exfoliation.  By using the product straight out of the bottle without wetting your face (convenient), you get a grittier texture, but if that feels like too much, you simply wet your skin and add a bit of water to the paste and it helps to decrease the intensity!

This stuff is the real deal! So take note, it isn't intended for sensitive skin.  Massaging on to skin for 30 to 60 seconds and just 1-3 times a week is all you need to see the pay off as the Enhancements Micro Dermabrasion Paste is PACKED with some serious skincare ingredients!

Here are my (embarrassingly up close and personal) before and after pics!  I definitely noticed a smoothness and shine (yikes, and some freckles that I never noticed before??  Maybe from the hot Savannah sun)!

Before                               After

Stay tuned for my next post after I  experiment with products from R+F Redefine line!

Not sure what you really need?  Check out my friend's consultation tool to help determine what might work best!  Allie also happens to be a health coach, too- check out her contact info on her consultation page!

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Monday, August 24, 2015:

Could My Cell Phone be Damaging My Skin?!

Fresh off of a girls' weekend in Savannah (which was amazing!!!), I came home ready to reset the late nights, late mornings, and general bad behavior that happens on a girls' weekend.

I snuggled into bed- face washed and toned (and even with a new beauty product I'm testing- Thanks Allie & Rodan + Fields...more on this later!).

It was 10:30p (way earlier than the weekend's 2:00am lights out!), phone in hand, I was ready to catch up on the social media happenings of my peers, scroll through the latest news, and check in on some of my favorite blogs.

My eyes were tired and I was straining to read the content.  I held the phone closer to my face but it only made me strain more- scrunching my nose and squinting my eyes.  And that's when it hit me...

This can't be good for my skin!

I know, I know- there is a ton of data available about how bad screen time is before bedtime interms of sleep quality, but I had never thought about other physical effects of phone usage before bed.  This prompted an early morning research sesh which resulted in THIS find.  I'll leave you to it.  And while you are reading, I'll be disinfection my phone...ew!

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Friday, August 21, 2015:

So We Have A Whole Foods

While the title of the post should be plenty to showcase my enthusiasm, I figured I'd also leave you with a photo of my favorite section in this glorious oasis!

The beauty & skincare that any surprise?!  If I didn't have frozen, organic, (and expensive) foods in my cart I could have spent hours in this one section alone.  Next time I'll start here!!!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015:

Moms- Do You Have Trouble Relaxing?

It's 10am in my home right now.  The boys are downstairs playing contentedly, I just sent out an email for a program I volunteer for and now I am sitting here wondering what we should do next.

Our days are so structured- loosely, but structured nonetheless.

The morning includes a little TV and breakfast (yes, I've finally surrendered to cartoons to take the morning edge off- better than wine, right? RIGHT?!).  Followed by a morning activity- usually the pool, a playdate, or something outside.

Well today, as I sit here, finished with the morning's business I had to handle, I am left with this pang of, "ok, now what to do with the boys".

It's summer so I feel like we should always try to get out of the house for a few hours.  But then again, it's summer and it's a blazing 1,000 degrees so, quite frankly, I don't mind sticking around in the air conditioning.

We could go to the pool, but SO. MUCH. STUFF to bring- and a lunch to pack.  Annnnd, I don't even know what food we have in the house.  So there goes that...

As I am processing all of my options and shooting down the more challenging ones, I IM my husband to get his take.  And perhaps this is just the difference between Husband and Wife, Man and Women, or Type B and Type A.  This was his response....

Such a simple solution.  And now I feel weird for appreciating his "permission" to just enjoy my time.  

Can any moms relate to this?   We certainly don't have a relationship where I require his permission, but I guess I might have that personality that is often looking for someone to tell me that it's ok to just relax.

Why is it so hard for me to just hang in the house when the kids are entertained and engaged (and miraculously playing nicely with each other and not requiring me)?  I feel like by not getting out of the house, socializing and doing a fun activity, I am denying my kids something they deserve.  And yet, they are totally content in the basement that we just finished for them.  

Oh the complexities of motherhood!!!

And PS, I don't really respond to my husband with "yes dear" via aim.  That's just the perky caffeine speaking.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015:

It's a "Goldfish for Breakfast" Kind of Morning

Random wake ups all night long followed by 5:30 wake up call means that mom is totally fine with goldfish for breakfast.  And coffee....lots of coffee. 😩☕️☕️☕️

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015:


I continue to Konmari!!  And this is "kid Konmari" so I sort of feel like I should get some extra credit in the effort department especially because this picture also serves as a "before" photo.  Stay tuned for the disheveled t-shirt drawer after today's outfit selection!

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Monday, August 17, 2015:

Monday Motivation

Right now I am still very much in the weeds of young motherhood.  My mornings are early and filled with lots of energy (and requests), but I enjoy this part of my life, often embracing the saying, "The days are long but the years are short!"

But I do miss having my own professional life- something that is wholely mine with personal (and financial) fulfillment.

So as I plug away at the intensity that is stay-at-home parenthood, I keep part of my mind on planting seeds for my future, putting one foot in front of the other, eager to discover what might be around that corner!

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Friday, August 14, 2015:

Seeking Joy This Friday

By now you have probably heard of Marie Kondo's best-selling book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing".  Like any aspirational home organization enthusiast, I took the bait and ordered the book on my kindle.

Reading (outside of social media) isn't really something I make time for but I carved out a few minutes a day to plug through this book- that time was fragmented and frequently disturbed by kid demands, parental responsibility, and sleep (ok, and if I am being completely honest, I still have a bit more to go)!!

Do I think I'll start conversations with inanimate objects, probably not.  BUT I do adore the concept of keeping only the items that "spark joy".  And I found her "permission" to get rid of items I never used to be so liberating- especially for this extreme sentimentalist!

I have items that I feel obligated to keep because they were a gift or given to me by a special person.  But after reading Ms. Kondo's book, I agree that some of these items are better off being used more frequently by someone who will appreciate them more than I can.

But here's a secret...I cheated a bit- I really don't have time to pull out every. single. article. of clothing (nor do I have the patience!).  So what I did instead was organize my clothing as I put it back into my drawers after laundry day- for example, when I put away my socks and underwear, I'd fold them in the recommended manner.  Quickly I noticed the items that were not neatly folded in the KonMari method and I was able to easily identify the items I wasn't wearing as frequently.  So after two weeks, these items got donated unless I added them regularly into the rotation (this is a GREAT way to rediscover items you may have forgotten- oops, I think this might actually be a KonMari method "no no"- but I swear, I really did start wearing these items regularly).  What's better, I ended up throwing away a ton of t-shirts, socks and underwear that I always pass over!

My next step is to apply this to my children's clothes.  I welcomed hand-me-downs with open arms but before I knew it, I was swimming in baby clothes that I just could not see myself using on my children.  I tried to get over it and to embrace the financial savings of barely buying anything new for the boys, but when it came down to it, there were just items that gravitated to the back of the drawers and never saw the light of day.  Worse, there were items that my son would put on and I'd cringe as I congratulated him on his efforts in independence!

Annoying clutter just makes it difficult to close drawers- it most certainly does NOT spark joy.   But to a family in need it could be a necessary item that empowers a parent who can provide a nice shirt for their child.

So this weekend's goal is to continue to clear out the clutter!  Now...I just have to convince my husband to donate his collection of sports t-shirts!!!  Ms. Kondo- have any tips???  This will likely be my greatest challenge YET!
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Thursday, August 13, 2015:

Do You Think She'll Quit?

Still getting a good chuckle out of this text exchange with my sitter...  Can we start the hashtag #dreadedtextfromthesitter?  I can't be the only mom with an experience like this one!!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015:

Motivation for today

Sometimes I leap before I look.  Sometimes I put myself out there and recoil at the fear of failure (ahem, what in the heck is happening with my Quirky invention??).  So today my motivational mantra is this!

I feel brave when I make a leap even if it means putting myself out there!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015:

Soooo Pretty!

So I am a LOVING this new look and I'm so happy about the new direction of my blog!  This new approach will allow me to share so much more!  I hope you will find content that you can relate to!!

Thanks for joining me here at The Kate Brochu Blog!  I really hope you stick around!
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Monday, August 10, 2015:

STAND BY for Official Re Launch!

Ok, so I've actually already changed the blog URL, but just a note to share with my social followers that you can now find me at "The Kate Brochu Blog".  Please continue to visit and chime in!!!

Update your favorite and save in your history!!

Stay tuned for the official relaunch!
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Thursday, August 6, 2015:

Feeling Like a Skincare Novice

You've heard me complaining about the general skin congestion I've been dealing with during these hot summer months!  The layers of sunscreen and grit are just doing a number on my skin's clarity.

I finally went for a much-needed facial at my local Blue Mercury Spa (it was fabulous, by the way- read about it here) and as we talked about my daily regimen (cream cleanser, retinol creams, repair creams, and more), my aesthetician asked what toner I used.

Screeching Halt.  Long Pause.  Followed by my stuttering out the words, "I actually...I don't...I haven't been using a toner..."

This explains so much.

Way back when, toners were recommended to help restore the pH of our skin after we used a bar of soap to wash our face.  As cleansers evolved, pH restoration wasn't needed so toners started to fade away.  They also started to get a bit of a bad wrap- especially the astringent, alcohol-based toners (mostly because, well, the alcohol-based toners are actually not good for your skin...stay away from those).

However, we do know that after cleansing, our face benefits from restoring clarity with ingredients that continue to foster cell renewal and hydration.  A toner can help "break through" some of those clogged pores and help moisturizers work more effectively, too!

Awhile back I posted about this little care package from Perfectly Pure right here- it had a bunch of goodies, one of which was a Rose & Witch Hazel Toner.  I have incorporated this into my night time regimen and can hands down say I've noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin.

I'm feeling silly that it didn't dawn on me sooner!  But a toner is a "must" in my beauty book these days :)
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Sunday, August 2, 2015:

Get Ready for Relaunch

Just another reminder that this lil' blog o' mine is getting ready for a redo!  Still working on the final updates and name revision but hope you stick around and visit often :)
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