Liam, day one
Q: You bill yourself as a mommy blogger and beauty enthusiast...What's the connection between motherhood and beauty?
A: Before I was a parent, I had all the time in the world to take care of myself.  I could shower, dry my hair, and apply makeup as I sipped hot coffee and listened to the TODAY Show.  I felt confident in the way I looked before heading out the door.  Now that I am a mom, so much of that morning is gone.  Actually, every aspect of that morning is gone!

I love the chaos of being a mom that survived the "two under two" scenario, but there are some days when I wish I could get to a toddler activity and appear somewhat put together.

Part of my approach is overall healthful living- that's what is going to keep our skin looking great and stave off premature aging- helping us to feel more comfortable in our own skin.  As moms, we don't often have time for primers, concealers, bronzers and blushes.  But if we take the time to keep our skin healthy from the inside out, we will require less makeup (and time) to feel like we are put together.

I like to think I share easy tips for moms on the go as well as effective and actionable beauty advice that moms can do on top of their crazy kid schedules!

Q: Where does the blog title, "Karmama's A Bitch" come from?
A: There is a quote out there in the parenting universe- "I was the best parent in the world...until I had kids." This describes my pre-mom to mom transition perfectly.

Before having my own children, I was convinced that I would do it better, more gracefully, and with more balance.  I thought for sure I'd be the one to bring my baby on adventures to see old friends in the city.  My baby would be so easy going that he'd join us at our usual scheduled social activities.  As a friend put it, I honestly thought my baby would be a little "accessory" that I could show off to all of my friends and tote around town.

I thought about how fun it would be to say "good bye" to my corporate office and "hello" to peaceful and nurturing mommy playdates followed by brunch and naps and household upkeep (Ha!  Crazy!  I actually looked forward to keeping my house clean.  Little did I know that it would never be pre-baby clean again!).

I assumed that, after the birth, we'd pick up where we left off- happy hours and restaurant dinners, nights out with friends and afternoon playdates with the neighbors.  I'd leave him behind with a trusted babysitter that was easy to find and affordable (Ha! Another laughable assumption....).

When other moms, including my own, would comment about how hard it could be, I shrugged it off and naively believed that my positive attitude, affection and enthusiasm would make this "mommy" thing a breeze.  And then my baby was born.

It was as if Karma herself delivered my son-- on the first night in the hospital, he was kicked out of the nursery.  "Your baby won't stop crying," the nurse told me as she wheeled him into the room in his little bassinet and casually walked away.  Leaving me to wonder "what on earth am I supposed to do now?"

He would stop when I would pick him up and (attempt) to nurse.  Then he would sleep.  And then I would have to somehow maneuver my sleeping little baby ball back into his bassinet- calling up abdominal muscles that hadn't had much exercise in the last 40 41 weeks.  There he would sleep, independently, for about seven minutes before his little newborn cries screeched out.  This little routine went on for, oh, I don't know...the first two years of his life!

I learned very quickly to keep my parental judgements to myself.  I still have a habit of sometimes doing an internal eye-roll at silly things, but for the most part, I do my best not to judge.  Because there is a 1,000% chance that I will be in the same situation in the future....likely handling it far less gracefully!

Q: What's your parenting expertise?
A: I've survived parenthood for three years- which makes me an expert, sort of.  There really is no such thing as a "parenting expert".  There are medical experts, educational experts, developmental experts, etc.  But no parent is an "expert" in parenting.  And the second we think we are, welp, you know what I said about "karmama".

It's about managing and surviving.  Evolving and compromising.  And most of all, about sharing and empathizing.  The tips I share here seem to work....sometimes.  And I welcome recommendations from any reader!

Q: What's your beauty expertise?
A: I've been a beauty enthusiast for as long as I can remember- less about cosmetics and style and more about natural, healthy beauty as it relates to anti-aging and healthful living.  I love experimenting with topicals and supplements- especially when the effects are visible and "share-worthy" to my friends and readers!

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