Friday, February 26, 2016:

Love, Your Passive Aggressive Housewife

Have you guys seen the new laundry detergent ad that encourages fathers to #sharetheload?  I LOVE it (and I could probably write a really thought-provoking post about it.  You know, if I had a bit more time).

I really love the idea of dads getting home from work and acknowledging that it's not their turn to just veg out on the couch while mom, whether she works in or out of the house, continues to wrangle the kids, the chores and the other 10000000000 other things that need to get done before bedtime.

I'm in an interesting situation.  While my husband is willing to "share the load" (shout out to the time he proactively did middle-of-the-night sheet duty after an unexpected bedwetting!), it's hard for him to chip in because he usually leaves the house by 6:30am and doesn't get home until 7pm (nice try honey, but are never home by 6:30p as your text messages so often promise).  But there are some things he can handle before the kids wake up or after bedtime when he gets home.  The garbage and recycling are two examples of ways he can really #sharetheload.

Even the best husbands can let things slip through the cracks and today, on the last day of the week when I am managing this three v. one defense situation and after a text from my husband suggesting that he will miss bedtime for the fifth time this week due to an unexpected work meeting, well, my passive aggressive housewife reared her ugly head (ok, she's not THAT ugly...she's just tired and maybe a little overwhelmed and the coffee she made yesterday morning is still sitting under the Kuerig so let's give her a break and tell her "you look great!  Can't believe you JUST had a baby!").

So happy Friday to the moms who made it through the week and to their #sharetheload husbands.  But incase your week was just a bit tougher, I hope you appreciate this text from a passive aggressive housewife.

Sorry honey.  Love you.  Kisses.

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