Friday, July 8, 2016:

What is Mindful Beauty?

I have now been working with Purity of Elements for just about three months and the experience has been nothing short of eye-opening from a skincare passionista's point of view!  

When I first started, I was very curious about this "skincare inspired by the southwest" approach.  But as I continue to work with the skilled team at POE, I've learned to embrace this desert beauty regimen and I love the "feel good" vibes that just exude from this brand.

I've dropped off the personal blog-o-sphere a bit, but I did want to pop in to share some quick little insights into this brand!

I've always loved the idea of clean and natural beauty but I also know enough about skincare to understand that there are only so many DIY face masks one can try before realizing that there is a place for powerful, science-backed skincare ingredients.

But I am not interested in globbing on toxic and harsh concoctions in the name of beauty.  I am still nursing and I need to be mindful of what I am using on a daily basis.  But, as a busy mom, the exhaustion can really show on my face- the sleepless nights, the endless days...  So I need products that work.

Purity of Elements has harnessed the clean and natural approach and paired it with a less extreme harshness often found in skincare products.  And this is mindful beauty, if you ask me.

Partnering with POE has exposed me to a richer world of Mindful Beauty.  Yes, the topical treatments we use are essential to maintaining our skin's health and resiliency- clean ingredients are important as are the "heavy hitting" ingredients that will restore balance, infuse hydration and increase radiance.

Being aware of what you are putting on to your skin and mindful of the ingredients you choose to introduce into your skincare regimen makes all of the difference when it comes to a healthy, mindful approach to beauty.

But Mindful Beauty goes beyond that.  It's more than the topical treatments...

My thoughts....

It's the appreciation of selfcare and the encouragement to stop and smell the rosehips (an essential ingredient in their Radiance Face Serum) that gets me to fall in love with this brand everytime I experience a new product in their skincare line.

Everything from what we put on our skin to what we put into our bodies influences how we look.  Purity of Elements knows that good skincare starts by restoring balance on the inside.  Healthy living, restorative activities and nutrition play such an important role in skincare.

Purity of Elements in rooted in the high desert of Santa Fe- a region with a powerful history and rich cultural landscape.  POE is dedicated to preserving the traditions of the southwest and respects the healing and restorative properties that come with dedicating time and practice to rituals- whether it's a dedication to selfcare by way of skincare or a ritual dedication to fitness and health, it all plays a role in our skin's health.

It's not just about skin, it's about radiating beauty from the inside by living a balanced life that encourages health and wellness- and Purity of Elements understands that.  Their efforts are focused on skin, but they know that good skincare can only go so far.

As a busy mom who is literally living the cliche that is parenthood, nothing rings more true to me than capitalizing on the small moments I get to myself.  POE's favorite form of selfcare happens to be skincare and I am definitely on board with that!!  Even if it happens at 10pm when the rest of my house is asleep!!

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