Friday, January 27, 2017:

Is this Real Life?!

My GOODNESS!!  Last night/early this morning I was able to realize a MAJOR life dream!!  Anyone who has been following along knows how hard I've been working with Purity of Elements- trying to get the amazing news about our Radiance Face Serum out there!!

It really is a game-changer in the skincare arena!!  Seriously, learn more about our Copper5Complex!!

And last night we were able to reach all of YOU on QVC!  LIFE GOAL ACHIEVED!!

Thank you for everyone's support!!  And thank you for hearing the story of Purity of Elements- this skincare line is the REAL DEAL!

Sidenote:  We all know I am a mom of three young boys.  Most days I am exhausted, most nights I don't get enough sleep (who does?).  But seeing how parenthood and REAL LIFE took away the luster and luminosity of my skin was really tough.  Coupled with the fact that, as a mom, I had ZERO time for selfcare- all of my efforts were towards my family- keeping them on track and running them to their activities, even if it meant a bit of my own needs were put on hold.

But reconnecting with skincare and realizing that it was more than just taking care of my was taking care of ME!  And seeing the radiant changes in my skin- it reignited my confidence, my energy, my attitude!  And you CANNOT put a price tag on that.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Radiance Face Serum for restoring that luminosity, that radiance, the glow-- on DAY ONE!

You know, most mornings I run out of the house in my slippers, trying to go in a million different directions, but knowing that my skin looks healthy, youthful and glowing gives me a bit of confidence to make it through a really challenging day!

I digress....(but I really DO love this serum...please check it out, if not for you, than for ME!).

So, without further ado, please enjoy this little link for your QVC viewing pleasure!!


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