Friday, March 31, 2017:

Each Part of Life Offering Respite From the Other

I recently came across this little nugget from Ruth Bader Ginsberg- shared on The Atlantic's Facebook Page.


I talk a lot about balance- about finding that elusive "in between" space where you feel like you are living a fulfilling, mindful life.  This ties in so well with self-care.  While skincare is my favorite form of self-care, I also feel self love when I am enabled to step outside of my "regular" role as mom.

I hate that we are always titled- mom, working mom, stay at home mom.  Can there be a flexitarian mom?  I want to be there at drop off and at pick up.  I want to arrange a playdate and to meet up at the playground.  Buuuuut, I also like to step out beyond motherhood and reconnect with my active mind that aggressively seeks opportunities for professional growth.

I love to work!  I love collaborating on projects and growing intellectually in ways that I can't when I am spending the day with the kiddos.  Buuuuut I also LOVE to spend the day with the kiddos.  I love engaging with them, teaching them, learning from them.  I get a special thrill witnessing their giggles their games.  I also learn a lot about myself and my ability to shut out the noise that can sometimes distract me from my kids.

And that noise grows louder when I don't have the time to work on the other parts of me!  The parts of me that seek fulfillment outside of my family.  The parts of me that wants an independent life; a reason to hop in the car, to drive to a meeting, and to earn money doing something that I really enjoy.

I'm one of the lucky ones.  Now that my children are older and weaned (almost), my husband is eager to step in and help me seek that balance.  A night out with friends, a seminar in the city or daytime coverage which includes bringing the kids to work!  Because of this I have an easier time finding that balance and peace.  And I am excited by the movement pushing us closer to this balance.

Can you relate to balance?  Have you found it?  What does your balance look like?

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