Monday, July 21, 2014:

I am grateful!!

Ive spent a lot of time today thinking about what I don't have...

1. A career 
2. Balance
3. A life (no, really...)
4. Independence
5. An income
6. Napping children (perhaps if I had this I wouldn't keep thinking about #1-4 and I could just shut up already and watch Ellen!).

I'm not feeling sorry for myself.  These are just objective things that I tend to dwell on when I'm having an "eh" mom day.

The truth is, I have it all.  I honestly have everything I could have ever hoped for.  A great husband that makes me laugh everyday.  Two healthy and adorable (while sometimes unmanageable) boys.  A beautiful home.  Financial security.  And the list goes on.

I feel greedy when I want more.  I feel like I should be content but as I become more and more aware of the whole "YOLO" concept, I become more and more passionate (er, obsessed) with trying to amplify this amazing life I have.

Shouldn't we all think like this?  Shouldn't we all be setting new goals?

My husband is so supportive but sometimes when I'm in an "achievement frenzy", he makes me pause and reminds me of how good we have it.

And I stop. I agree. I am grateful.  I'll make myself some tea. I'll sit down and relax.... 

 And after a half hour goes by, I'll casually duck out to my office to send a few emails and materials because hey, I have the cake, but this girl wants to eat it too!

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