Wednesday, January 20, 2016:

I Think I Might Be Falling for the Paleo Beauty Craze!

Ok guys...have you heard of this??  Paleo Beauty.

There are a ton of product lines out there that tout their chemical-free, "good for you" ingredients like FatFace and Ava Anderson just to name a few.   If I am being entirely honest, the skincare passionista in me is skeptical.  Listen, I love good, safe products (and insist on paraben, sulfate free products when I can).  But sometimes a girl has got to use the good stuff which includes her fair share of retinols and acids.

All of that said, I recently stumbled across an article about the Paleo Skincare trend....and I think I like it.

Whoa whoa whoa....Don't go throwing away your serums and chemical peels just yet.

Here's the thing, I am in my mid-30s and have officially turned the skincare corner of needing the heavy hitters (you'll never sell me on a serum that doesn't have hyaluronic acid and nothing hurts so good like a chemical peel).

I have no intention of walking away from crucial skincare ingredients that give me the results I need. But, there are some products out there I'd love to try that mine pre-historic diets and ingredients to help us better manage our skincare needs.

As a self-admitted sugar lover and dairy-a-holic, I've always been intrigued by the Paleo diet.  I recently had an opportunity to meet with a skincare line and, in an effort to give myself the best glow, I spent a week denying myself my morning coffee (with sugar and cream), opting instead for hydrating hot water and lemon.  And I easily noticed a difference in my skin.  Eliminating the sugar and the dairy for one week and I saw results....seriously....

It makes sense from an anthropological point of view- our cave ancestors didn't have access to many of the ingredients that have taken over our diet (specifically dairy, sugar, and coffee beans in my case) and they thrived long enough to evolve into today's modern, skincare obsessed, human!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, either.  Being objective here and acknowledging that we can't vouch for beautiful, glowing, radiant cave lady skin...but fine, for the sake of skincare, I'll take a leap...

I really do like the idea of experimenting with more minimalistic, wholesome, from-the-earth ingredients.  I firmly believe that the less we mettle with nature's ingredients, the better.  From a wholesome medicinal perspective, it's obvious that maintaining a proactive and healthy diet prevents many of the diseases that require complex treatment- so why would it be different with skincare?

I sort of look at this the way I look at antibiotics, the less often you have to use them, the more effective they are.  So using more holistically mined ingredients and natural preventatives help to optimize the effectiveness of some of the "add-in's" we need once we meet our mid-30s- encouraging our skin to respond more rapidly to the more powerful ingredients.

That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Now, where's that skincare line that marries the two....  minimalistic and wholesome, from-the-earth ingredients with science-back technology for the skin we crave.  Pssst....I may have found it...but stay tuned for that!

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