Monday, January 4, 2016:

Tis the Season of the New Year's Resolution! - Ring it in with Lemons!

Resolutions make me nervous!  I usually tend to live my life according to the theory of "everything in moderation", but as we wrap up this indulgent season and as my pregnancy cravings (hopefully) come to an end, I really DO want to make a better effort at eating better!  I am also really curious about how small changes in my diet can help my complexion and skin tone.

For some time now, a friend of mine, who happens to have beautiful skin, has been touting her morning ritual of hot water with lemon.  I recently stumbled across another article that was singing the same praises so I've had to give it a shot.

Of course I forgot to take a before picture (and I am in no mood for an after picture), so I'll just stick to google science and share my top 5 reasons!

  • Helps to flush the body of toxins
  • Aids in digestion and regularity
  • Rich source of Vitamin C- helping to strengthen our immune system
  • Helps prevent infection
  • Aids in the prevention of wrinkles and acne

I've been doing this for just over a week now (after learning that I have an in-person meeting that I'd like to really "shine" for).  I must say I've noticed a difference.  I've been even more strict about my skin treatment rituals and haven't been wearing as much make up (doing a little make up detox) so that helps too!!  But the big kicker, I've switched my lemon water for my morning decaf coffee.  THIS IS UTTERLY SHOCKING to me!  

I honestly live for my morning coffee.  It's more of the ritual of holding a nice hot cup of creamy sweetness than anything else.  And if I am being entirely honest, there is something about making my own coffee and the fact that the act of coffee making is the first thing in my morning that I do for myself (you know, after dressing the kids, feeding the kids, letting the dogs out, feeding the dogs......).

For as long as I have the will power, I'd like to keep this up and save my decaf coffee for special occasions (or for the days when I REALLY need a bit of caffeine!).

What do you think, could you make the switch?
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