Wednesday, March 16, 2016:

Love This

I'm part of a group called Miracle Minded Moms- it's a destination where we share inspiration and vulnerability.  I saw this quote and as someone who prides herself on being buttoned up and on point, sometimes I have to remember this.  Sometimes it's safer to just let things go, to not try and defend or control.  To move on.  In a life that lacks much control (hello parents of the universe), it's hard to give up the limited control I do have.  But perhaps I am safer to just surrender, to admit my defenselessness.  Control is just an illusion that usually leaves me frustrated- learning to surrender has greatly increased my happiness.

I have my "me time"- limited as it may be (and likely including a facial or massage)- and it's important for me to have control over something- my skincare regimen or exercise routine.

But overall, I must remind myself that it's in the times of complete surrender and when I am at my most vulnerable that I am at my safest.

How do you interpret this?  Does it resonate with you?

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