Monday, September 19, 2016:

Getting Back into Our Groove!

We are finally getting back into our routine which means I am finding a few more moments for ME!  The end of the summer was tough for me.  A constant struggle of finding activities for the boys- something to keep them engaged and entertained, active and social.  But I was running out of ideas (and, if I am being entirely honest, energy!).

These last seven months have been totally unimaginable.  A new baby, a new job, a new routine.  But as exciting as all of these new things have been, it has also been incredibly exhausting!

Trying to maintain my old routine while adding in the demands of a new baby and a new job has been a challenge that I have yet been able to define....the only thing that really comes to mind is just trying to catch my breath but not having the opportunity to completely fill my lungs.

Would I change it- nope.  I am the kind of person that thrives on "to dos".  The more I have to get done, the more gets done.  The less I have to do, the longer it takes for me to do it.

Much like physical fitness, the less energy you have, the more important it is for you to jump up and go for a run.  The more bogged down I am with one element of my life, the more important it is for me to refocus and muster the energy on another component in my life- shifting my focus from family, work, me.

I cannot wait to get back into my blogging routine with you all!  I hope this fall finds you eager to get back into a schedule.
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