Friday, February 13, 2015:

Truth of Being A SAHM

I just read this article on that highlights the truths of stay-at-home motherhood.  The article isn't very strong and if they really wanted to dig deep, I have a slew of "truths" to share.  While there weren't any profound "Oh my gosh, YES!" relatable moments, I did give a few head nods in agreement.

I also thought of several other "truths" that just never considered before I had kids.  One of which occurred to me as I was stirring my coffee alongside my toddler who was asking for chips for breakfast while sitting in a dirty diaper which immediately made me feel guilty- that I was choosing coffee over diaper changing.  I digress...

So what occurred to me while preparing my coffee was the fact that, as a SAHM every. single. meal. is prepared in my home.  Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.  Repeat.

That is ABSOLUTELY shocking to a person who ate out daily in her pre-mom life.  

Whether it was hopping out to get a salad for lunch or ordering take-out on my way home from the office or even stepping out for a coffee and afternoon snack, impromptu delicious food options were always readily available.

We occasionally eat out which is really fun if you enjoy the "bring-everything-out-as-it's- ready, who-can-eat-the-fastest, and GO! game" and every now and then when I'm burnt out from cooking I'll order delivery- but it feels indulgent some how.

BUT, the silver lining is that I definitely appreciate an adult-only dinner way more than I ever did before having kids.  Which is why it's absolutely fantastic that tonight is date night!!!

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