Thursday, February 26, 2015:

How Appropriate....The Mom-okini

Perhaps it's the arctic blast and my deep desire to be on a tropical beach that had me thinking about bathing suits this morning.  So as the boys played nicely (for three seconds), I started my search...

The bikinis popped up first.  Adorable but not really in the "my belly button will never be the same after having kids" category.  The full pieces were....conservative.  And if I'm being honest, they sort of defied gravity.  I mean, chances are if you are looking for a full piece, you've been through the baby wringer and a spaghetti strapped, or worse, bandeau style one piece isn't really going to do much in the support category ( idea- strapless, waterproof bras... do these exist??  I digress).

While searching through all of the "remember when" bikini styles and shrugging at some of the one-pieces, I decided to search for a middle ground.  Something that wasn't ultra conservative but nothing too revealing either.  I searched for a monokini.

Shocked when the results came up empty, I looked to the search field and got a good chuckle when I realized what I had written :)  Freudian Slip for sure...

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