Monday, May 11, 2015:

Caveman Skincare....NO THANKS!

I recently stumbled across an old blog post from XO Jane about a Caveman Skincare Routine.  I am all about going the natural route in terms of diet and exercise- our primitive ancestors were on to something!  But for a skincare routine?  Well, let's just say that not a bit of me envies the complexion of a caveman!

In short, the regimen includes 60 days of non-skincare- no water, soap, toners, creams, etc.  I am all about a skin detox, but not putting on protective creams seems a bit negligent in my book!

According to the author, she noticed a first.  But it was all down hill from there!

So, the truth is, we need to maintain our skin just like we would our home.  If you are looking for healthy skin, it's essential to restore, protect, and prevent skin damage from environmental stressors.

Consider this your friendly PSA against the Cavemen Skincare Routine :)

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