Thursday, June 2, 2016:

Three Summer Skin Essentials!!!

With Memorial Day behind us, the pools and beaches and playgrounds and all other outdoor summer activities are in full operating mode.  Which means it's time to throw on a good pair of flip flops and venture out!

But first, pay attention to the three tips below and your skin will survive the summer with a beautiful sun-kissed glow :)

Tip #1:
Have A Sunscreen Station in your home:
Notice how I avoided the cliche- "wear sunscreen" tip.  We all know this by now.  The advice is good, the activation is the challenge!!  I have a sunscreen station in my home, just right at the back door- as we run out the door, I squirt just a bit in my hand and lather it on.  I also keep sunscreen in my purse.  And in my car.  And in the diaper bag.  Ok, annnnnd on the back patio table.  So what?  I have a thing for sunscreen AND HEALTHY SKIN!

Tip #2:
Restore Your Skin with Quality Skincare Products:
I am at a skin health milestone now that I am in my mid-thirties.  Those "fine lines and wrinkles" are well on their way.  The pharmacy brand products that worked in my youth just don't cut it anymore.  I need products that pack a punch and I am willing to pay a bit more for them since I've seen the results (worse, I've seen what happens when I don't take care of my skin).  Sure, are there some items in your skincare line up that you can scrimp on, absolutely.  But make sure you compensate by investing in the skincare products that do the heavy lifting.  My personal favorite:  Radiance Face Serum by Purity of Elements.  I love the consistency of this product- very light and quick absorbing- perfect for summer.  I also love the immediate radiance I see after using it!  In a consumer study, after 28 days, 99% of women reported more radiant skin!  Yep.  I'll take it!

Tip #3:
Hydrate from the Inside:
It is amazing what drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day will do to your skin.  By depriving your body of the water it needs you dehydrate your cells, including your skin cells.  When skin dries it withers, as does a cell.  Keep cells well hydrated and robust and your skin will have the dewy buoyancy we all crave.  Bored with just water, try my Lemon Water "Tea"!
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