Tuesday, March 3, 2015:

My Lenten Sacrifice for My Skin

Ok, so I acknowledge that I am about two weeks late on the whole "giving up for Lent" activity.  BUT, it just dawned on me that my inadvertent sacrifice might actually be worth a more decisive surrender!

We ran out of milk the other week.  Long the "milk-aholic" over here, I opted for more water with only the occasional siphoning of my children's whole milk.  On top of a milk drought, I also was out of cheese sticks- my "go to" grab and go snack option when running errands with the kids.

I've heard a lot about the negative effects of dairy as it relates to skin clarity and I kid you not, I noticed a difference the other week.  The wrinkles didn't go away but, something about my skin tone changed.

While I rarely ever believe in a "quick fix" I am curious to give myself a few weeks of dairy free* to see if I notice anymore changes.

Adding a before pick so I can compare after Easter!  Stay tuned!

(Photo from January 2015)

*Ok, let's be real here, I need my coffee in the morning and that involves a drop of half & half and a spoonful of sugar.  For the safety of my family, I will allow myself that!
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