Monday, June 1, 2015:

Monday Motivation

This weekend I got to see some of my favorite people in the world so we could celebrate an amazing bride-to-be!!!

It was such a great day catching up and filling each other in on updates- both personal and professional.

I love hearing about my friends' successes and achievements, family updates, and future plans.  And I love to share my family news and career updates- Quirky and QVC!

Despite being in a holding pattern with Quirky, I am still so excited to possibly make my idea into a marketable product!!  I have no news other than that Quirky is working on retailer partnerships to bring new ideas to market and I'm optimistic that the magnetic mesh laundry bag will be one of them!!

But sometimes it's hard not to have an update or progress report to share.  While I'm still in the game, I crave advancement towards my ultimate goal.  

On the other career front, I'm gearing up for a call back for a beauty guest host position!!  It's so exciting to be in the conversation!!

So as I wait for my in-person audition to approach and as I anxiously crave news from the Quirky front, I remind myself to dwell in possibility....

I am terminally ambitious and when I don't get updates I get impatient!  But I must learn to enjoy this time of potential future success and to spend this time being optimistic and positive!!

It might not be a "yes" (yet), but it is certainly not a "no"!  And that's the positive attitude I need to maintain in order to make my own personal progress; to wake up every morning and ask myself, "what can I do today to advance my goals".

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