Monday, June 29, 2015:

Sloughing Away the Sunscreen with this Duo!

I try to use my clarisonic regularly but sometimes when I forget to charge it, it gets covered in the daily clutter that is our family bathroom and tucked WAY back in the drawers- waiting until I realize how desperately I need it (only to realize I STILL have to charge it...ugh!).

Well, summer is my Clarisonic season, it seems!  I'm a daily sunscreen user (yes! even in the winter!), but during these summer months when I'm at the pool or beach on an almost daily basis, I layer on the SPF constantly!

Just the other day while in the shower I felt like my face wash alone wasn't breaking through the grit of my much relied upon SPF 50- sure enough, when I ran my finger nails along my neckline, they came up with a good layer of yuck beneath them!!!  

Out came my Mia2- so desperate was I, I charged her while in the shower washing my hair- just enough charging time to get through one cycle!

My Mia2 paired with my new M-61 Brilliant Cleanse was enough to do the trick and cut through the layers of sunscreen (ew, and sweat!).  The soft brush of the Mia2 gently buffs the skin and sloughs away that top later of dead cells while doing a deep clean into your pores (something you miss out on if you are only using your hands to wash your face!).  When I use the M-61 Brilliant Cleanse, the Alpha Hydroxy acts as an additional exfoliant to chemically dissolve the dull layers of skin (and in my case, sunscreen!), so I get that soft, well-washed skin I want!

Which reminds me....I accidentally lied to you guys in a previous post- I'm not experimenting with M-61's Perfect Cleanse like I said in this post.  It's actually the M-61 Brilliant Cleanse- and it's great! More on this later...).
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