Monday, August 24, 2015:

Could My Cell Phone be Damaging My Skin?!

Fresh off of a girls' weekend in Savannah (which was amazing!!!), I came home ready to reset the late nights, late mornings, and general bad behavior that happens on a girls' weekend.

I snuggled into bed- face washed and toned (and even with a new beauty product I'm testing- Thanks Allie & Rodan + Fields...more on this later!).

It was 10:30p (way earlier than the weekend's 2:00am lights out!), phone in hand, I was ready to catch up on the social media happenings of my peers, scroll through the latest news, and check in on some of my favorite blogs.

My eyes were tired and I was straining to read the content.  I held the phone closer to my face but it only made me strain more- scrunching my nose and squinting my eyes.  And that's when it hit me...

This can't be good for my skin!

I know, I know- there is a ton of data available about how bad screen time is before bedtime interms of sleep quality, but I had never thought about other physical effects of phone usage before bed.  This prompted an early morning research sesh which resulted in THIS find.  I'll leave you to it.  And while you are reading, I'll be disinfection my phone...ew!

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