Thursday, August 20, 2015:

Moms- Do You Have Trouble Relaxing?

It's 10am in my home right now.  The boys are downstairs playing contentedly, I just sent out an email for a program I volunteer for and now I am sitting here wondering what we should do next.

Our days are so structured- loosely, but structured nonetheless.

The morning includes a little TV and breakfast (yes, I've finally surrendered to cartoons to take the morning edge off- better than wine, right? RIGHT?!).  Followed by a morning activity- usually the pool, a playdate, or something outside.

Well today, as I sit here, finished with the morning's business I had to handle, I am left with this pang of, "ok, now what to do with the boys".

It's summer so I feel like we should always try to get out of the house for a few hours.  But then again, it's summer and it's a blazing 1,000 degrees so, quite frankly, I don't mind sticking around in the air conditioning.

We could go to the pool, but SO. MUCH. STUFF to bring- and a lunch to pack.  Annnnd, I don't even know what food we have in the house.  So there goes that...

As I am processing all of my options and shooting down the more challenging ones, I IM my husband to get his take.  And perhaps this is just the difference between Husband and Wife, Man and Women, or Type B and Type A.  This was his response....

Such a simple solution.  And now I feel weird for appreciating his "permission" to just enjoy my time.  

Can any moms relate to this?   We certainly don't have a relationship where I require his permission, but I guess I might have that personality that is often looking for someone to tell me that it's ok to just relax.

Why is it so hard for me to just hang in the house when the kids are entertained and engaged (and miraculously playing nicely with each other and not requiring me)?  I feel like by not getting out of the house, socializing and doing a fun activity, I am denying my kids something they deserve.  And yet, they are totally content in the basement that we just finished for them.  

Oh the complexities of motherhood!!!

And PS, I don't really respond to my husband with "yes dear" via aim.  That's just the perky caffeine speaking.

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