Tuesday, August 25, 2015:

Ok...So What is All of This Rodan + Fields Buzz

I've been approached by a few representatives from Rodan + Fields.  And of course, as a self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast, I was curious and interested.  But I just never got around to really learning much about the brand.   That is, until my good friend Allie reached out to me to see if I needed any products or wanted to be involved in the company.

While I love the idea of an independent revenue stream that can be managed from home, I worried that it might be a conflict of interest for my QVC Beauty Guest Host goals!  But, I still wanted to learn about the products!

So, between a few quick FB exchanges, Allie agreed to send me some goodies to try out!

I'm a tired and exhausted mom (just incase that wasn't clear from some of my blog posts).  I go to bed late, I wake up early and, if we are being totally honest, I really don't remember the last time I've actually slept through the night (between two kids and two dogs, someone is always needing something!).

So I really look for products that WORK- I don't have time (or money) to waste on items that don't give me a good bang for my buck.  And I need the heavy hitters to hide the exhaustion and fatigue!!  With all of this Rodan + Fields beauty buzz lately, I felt like I had to give it a shot.

Ok, so first things first....

You've all heard me complain about what this summer has been doing to my skin- sunscreen, sweat, repeat.  My pores are constantly clogged and I feel a general build up and dullness at the end of the day.  So I was thrilled when I received R+F Enhancements Micro Dermabrasion Paste.

Designed to enhance cell turn over and improve skin's tone and texture, this was right up my seasonal beauty need alley.  What I found really neat about this is that you have a bit of control over how gentle or aggressive you want to go with the exfoliation.  By using the product straight out of the bottle without wetting your face (convenient), you get a grittier texture, but if that feels like too much, you simply wet your skin and add a bit of water to the paste and it helps to decrease the intensity!

This stuff is the real deal! So take note, it isn't intended for sensitive skin.  Massaging on to skin for 30 to 60 seconds and just 1-3 times a week is all you need to see the pay off as the Enhancements Micro Dermabrasion Paste is PACKED with some serious skincare ingredients!

Here are my (embarrassingly up close and personal) before and after pics!  I definitely noticed a smoothness and shine (yikes, and some freckles that I never noticed before??  Maybe from the hot Savannah sun)!

Before                               After

Stay tuned for my next post after I  experiment with products from R+F Redefine line!

Not sure what you really need?  Check out my friend's consultation tool to help determine what might work best!  Allie also happens to be a health coach, too- check out her contact info on her consultation page!

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