Thursday, August 6, 2015:

Feeling Like a Skincare Novice

You've heard me complaining about the general skin congestion I've been dealing with during these hot summer months!  The layers of sunscreen and grit are just doing a number on my skin's clarity.

I finally went for a much-needed facial at my local Blue Mercury Spa (it was fabulous, by the way- read about it here) and as we talked about my daily regimen (cream cleanser, retinol creams, repair creams, and more), my aesthetician asked what toner I used.

Screeching Halt.  Long Pause.  Followed by my stuttering out the words, "I actually...I don't...I haven't been using a toner..."

This explains so much.

Way back when, toners were recommended to help restore the pH of our skin after we used a bar of soap to wash our face.  As cleansers evolved, pH restoration wasn't needed so toners started to fade away.  They also started to get a bit of a bad wrap- especially the astringent, alcohol-based toners (mostly because, well, the alcohol-based toners are actually not good for your skin...stay away from those).

However, we do know that after cleansing, our face benefits from restoring clarity with ingredients that continue to foster cell renewal and hydration.  A toner can help "break through" some of those clogged pores and help moisturizers work more effectively, too!

Awhile back I posted about this little care package from Perfectly Pure right here- it had a bunch of goodies, one of which was a Rose & Witch Hazel Toner.  I have incorporated this into my night time regimen and can hands down say I've noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin.

I'm feeling silly that it didn't dawn on me sooner!  But a toner is a "must" in my beauty book these days :)
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