Wednesday, October 21, 2015:

Go Go Go Until You Gotta Stop

I'm a busy body.  I enjoy scheduled relaxing time but, mostly I like to be busy.  I find that having scheduled activities makes my day A LOT easier with the boys.  Occasionally I'll keep a morning or an afternoon free- it's important for them to have downtime, but for the most part, we're go go go over here...

Until we're not.  Horrible head colds have invaded our home, complete with the dreaded post nasal drip of death!!  My youngest started showing signs this Saturday with a runny nose that just wouldn't stop!  Add a family bonding weekend getaway and WHAM, Mom is on the fritz 😩.  

I could feel it coming on as early as Sunday but tried to tell myself it was just allergies, but the last two nights have been miserable.  I hate to cancel plans but sometimes you just have to stop everything and rest.

My youngest is good, but still sleepy from the sleep loss that comes with a cold.  After much debate, I sent him to his morning "school" program (even though he fell asleep in the car on the way there).  And my four year old (who apparently has an immune system of steel!) is off and getting in some serious social time.

While I'd rather be anywhere but on my couch, I'm taking advantage of the kidfree morning, resting up, and getting the energy I need to kick this cold!

Maybe this is mother nature's way of forcing me to slow down...shrugs.

So, if you need me, I'll be on my couch, eating candy corns and sipping orange juice.
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