Monday, April 18, 2016:

Joining the Purity of Elements Team!!

So here's the big news!!! 

I am so thrilled to join an amazing team at Purity of Elements as their Director of Product Education!

Purity of Elements is more than just skincare!  It's a lifestyle brand that values a holistic approach to healthy beauty and overall well-being.  Inspired by the elevated deserts of the Southwest, POE taps into the rich culture, ancient traditions, and resilient flora of the region to bring us hard working, naturally derived, and science-backed skincare technology that will help restore balance, infuse hydration and address the signs of aging.

Part of my responsibilities as the Director of Product education is to represent this amazing brand on QVC!!  That's right my friends, you'll be able to tune in and see my face on "The Q" as I share more information about our SUPERHERO product, our Radiance Face Serum (tried it. loved it. had to have it....and now I get to work for the company who made it.  Not bad at all!).

I blog a lot about skincare and have had a ton of opportunities to experience and review skincare products.  But what stood out for me with Purity of Elements was the overall approach to health and well-being as it related to aging gracefully.  POE prioritizes self-care and who better to appreciate that than this mom of three young sons?! 

We've heard the story 1,000 times but for every mom, it never gets old.  We prioritize EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else before we take a minute to ourselves- over-committing and spreading ourselves way too thin.  POE encourages women to Stop. Pause. and take a minute to restore balance to your life (and to your skin).  For me, it's the 15 minutes I embrace before bedtime as I do my skincare ritual.  It's more than just healthy skin- it's taking time for ME for a healthy mind, body, and spirit!

I am so excited for all that is to come!  Stay connected with POE on Twitter, Facebook- don't miss out on all of our news and updates!


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