Tuesday, October 11, 2016:

Purity of Elements Promotion- Stock Up!

Hi Guys!  I just wanted to hop on here super fast to let you know of a Purity of Elements promotion going on RIGHT NOW!!

To celebrate the brand's new site redesign....

50% off of their popular Radiance Face Serum (this stuff is the real deal....it has a proprietary blend called Copper 5 Complex which is an antioxidant rich blend of serious skin-loving ingredients)!  The effects of this serum are actually backed up in a consumer based study!!

Purity of Elements is also offering 25% off of all other products....SITEWIDE!!

If you are ready to get serious about skincare, now would be the time to invest in the goods!  This is luxury skincare at its best!!  Paraben and Pthalate free for those of us who have a more mindful approach to skincare!!

No Promo Code Necessary- Happy shopping!!

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