Monday, October 3, 2016:

The Truth About Dry Brushing- Video at Bottom

Ok, so here is the truth- I haven't been great about dry brushing.  This step in my skincare routine took a hit when I had to limit my gym, sauna, shower, etc routine to one hour due to childcare retraints- boo!

But I just bought a second one from Purity because the skincare value is SO worth it- so now I have one in my gym locker and one in my home shower.

Ok, and here's the plug.  Purity just lowered the cost to $5.99 and if you buy today, use Promo Code: FALL25 for an add'l 25% off!

So why is dry brushing so good?  Well, I spoke a little bit about it here, but to add some more intel...

Dry brushing is an ancient body detoxifying ritual.  Throughout history, many cultures used dry brushing as part of their cleansing routines and due to its efficacy, it continues to be an essential part of any beauty ritual!

If we look back to Native American cultures, many tribes would use dried corn cobs for their dry brushing needs.  It was likely part of an important detoxifying ritual just like smudging, sweatlodge sessions and fasting.  

What we know today- dry brushing is used for better circulation, lymphatic drainage, and general body detoxification.  The added benefit was the decrease in cellulite, skin exfoliation, pore unclogging (note, don't use on your face!), and skin toning.

How to Dry Brush:
Before showering, take a DRY dry brush and, starting at your feet, work your way upward, towards your heart using gentle, but firm, strokes.  

Want to know more about Dry Brushing- check out my video below!  Subscribe to my channel for more great tips!

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