Tuesday, April 1, 2014:

Mommy Spontaneity

Bottom line- babies are spontaneity sponges.

I mean, there is no other living being on the face of this earth that I would rather be limited by, but seriously, just being honest, good bye impromptu happy hours and casual weekend brunches.  And you may as well give up those bottomless mimosas, too (unless someone finds the spontaneous cure for intoxication- preferably something that takes care of the hangover too).

Giving up my ability to live spontaneously was hard for me.  Embarrassingly, surprisingly, mind-blowingly hard for me.

I felt (feel) selfish when I look back to my pre-baby days and think about how spontaneous my life (our lives) were.

Day drinking?  Sure!
Movies? Why Not?
Long weekend away? You betchya!

Listen, I've gotten over it.  It's just not going to happen anytime soon and quite frankly, it's probably a good sign that I've come to terms with this.

But recently I've discovered that I do live spontaneously...sort of.  It's called Mom Spontaneity.  Not to be confused with noncommittal, mom spontaneity is the epitome of playing it by ear.

"Playdate this afternoon?" Sure, if both the kids nap!
"Gymnastics on Tuesday?" Sure, if both kids are up!
"Open Gym on Friday?" Sure, if I make it to the end of the week!

Let me explain...

The spontaneity isn't in making it to the activity but in the ability to throw my hands in the air and say, "Gymnastics?! Nope, not when your brother, who has been up for the last 48 hours, is finally napping" or "It took 30 minutes for me to put your winter jacket, hat and mittens on which means there is only 30 minutes left in open gym and if we account for the additional 10 minutes it will take me to get you into the car....oh, look Curious George is on TV!"

That, my friends, is mom spontaneity :)

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