Thursday, April 10, 2014:

Another invention

Here's another million dollar momvention....

Little hand shoes (not to be mistaken for hand gloves) for the crawling bunch.  I want to be outside with my toddler but my crawler makes it difficult bc he won't stay more than 5 minutes in his exersaucer (who would want to stand still when you can crawl?).

Normally I'm fine with grass crawling but we have two dogs to share the backyard with, so...yeah...

A great thing about our yard is that it is fenced in along with a good portion of our driveway.  This is great for ride-on toys, bad for crawling....but not if you had hand shoes!!  (No, seriously, they are completely different than gloves....).

These would also be ideal for travel and crawling in hotel rooms, airports (I can't say I necessarily encourage crawling in a busy airport but I also can't say I'd deny my child the opportunity if we found a quiet/empty area).

What say you about these hand shoes (not to be mistaken for gloves).

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