Monday, April 14, 2014:

What are your beauty rituals?

During the new year resolution process I wrote down the following list.  So far, I've been impressed with my ability to stick with it!

1. Drink more water!
2. Drink more green tea
3. Avoid medications
4. Limit alcohol consumption to 3-5 drinks per week
5. Exercise at least three days a week (I actually signed up for a half marathon and I've now reached 8 miles!...twice!).

Areas that I really want to work on...
1. Eat better!!!  While I am a petite person, I definitely could afford to eat better- more greens, less processed foods. I'm nursing and definitely using it as a crutch (translation- an excuse to eat a bag of Milanos a week!).  I'm nervous what will happen when I wean!
2. Sleep!!  I struggle with this!  My day is so busy and dedicated to my boys.  When they are down for the night, it sometimes feels good to just zone out to the TV.  Before I know it, it's after 10.  I'd really like to make an effort to have lights out by 10p every night but I'll work up to it!
3. Ironically, I'd really like to take more time away from technology (ironic bc I'm thumbing out this post on my iPhone as I sit here watching TV).  Ideally I'd love to put my phone down before dinner and not look at it again until morning.  At times, I will check my email seven times before 9am!!  It's pathetic!  

Ok, so I realize #3 might not seem like a beauty tip but it is- I zone out with my phone, I strain my eyes reading and typing and I stress while I anticipate emails!

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