Tuesday, May 13, 2014:

Just my random thoughts

I'm sitting here with my baby who needs nebulizer treatments for a cough that just won't go away.

He's asleep in my arms.  At one point my toddler was sitting next to us playing quietly with the iPad but once I turned on the nebulizer, it was too loud.  So he left...closing the door behind him.  My initial thought- that's so grown up and thoughtful.  My parenting thoughts..

Shit, I can't see him nor can I hear him over the nebulizer...well, it's sort of baby proof up here....was that a thud!?....I don't hear crying.....oh, phew, he's back...wait, why are you leaving agaAINDON'TSLAM...the freaking door....ugh....I should go check on him but I really don't want to wake this baby up!...oh hello, again- you went to get your cars...cute....(slams door..baby wakes up)....SON of a.... 😝

Mom can't win.
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