Thursday, May 22, 2014:

Lysol Wipes...Really?

So I recently thought I had discovered a nice little life hack in Lysol Disinfecting wipes.  I bought two packs figuring I could leave one in each bathroom (the only rooms in my home that I actually take the time to clean frequently).  While the toddler splashed away in the sink and the baby ransacked the drawers, I would wipe down the bathroom.

So happy with this quick cleaning trick, I went online to Amazon to purchase a bulk order.  Unsure of what scent to go with I decided to check out the reviews to see if one scent was more favored.

Immediately I noticed the split-screen reviews- one positive and one negative.  Already happy with the product, I had to see what warranted only one star.

Mind blown...

Apparently these wipes only sanitize if surfaces are left wet for 10 minutes...TEN MINUTES!  Surfaces are sanitized if left wet for 30 seconds...30 SECONDS! 

Who on earth has that kind of time?!

One might think it's just a matter of wiping down and walking away.  No.  A quick wipe and within seconds the solution evaporates.  So in order for the surface to remain wet, you must wipe, re-wipe, repeat for 30 seconds.

Here I am thinking I've just cleaned my entire bathroom in 30 seconds....NOPE!!

Lo and behold....

Truthfully, I'll probably continue to use these to clean the bathroom.  They are convenient in that they come in a child-proof(ish) container, store easily, and they are pre-moistened with cleaning solution (saves me a lot of steps).  Attempted cleaning is better than no cleaning at all, right??

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