Thursday, May 1, 2014:

Talk about timing

Last week I had one of my most productive kid-free days!!  I was apprehensive while I laid awake the night before wondering if my itinerary was even humanly possible, but amazingly all went well.

Sitter arrived at 9
Out the door by 9:15
The Gap- belts for the boys at 9:25
Nail Salon at 9:45- out by 10:15!!
Dentist at 10:20 (I was a minute late and felt bad but still ended up waiting for a few minutes so all evened out)
Dress shop at 11:05- we have a first communion this weekend!!
Starbucks for mom fuel- 11:30
Bank at 11:46
Massage at 11:50
Back to Dentist for my toddler at 1:20

I am so amazed out how productive I've learned to be now that I know how limited kid-free time can be!!
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