Tuesday, June 3, 2014:

Mom.me contribution!

If you read my blog often enough you may notice a trend on the topic of returning to work.  I love my kids and I love the exercise of working....I just didn't love my job (gulp...that's hard to write when several colleagues read your blog.  I just want to be clear...I loved you...just not the job.  At least not enough to leave my kids for it.  Ok, I'll stop talking...).

In fact part of the reason this blog exists is because I wanted a challenge outside of the very intense challenges of being a mom.  I trained and ran a half marathon (1:49.41....if you're wondering :), I auditioned (and I'm still hopeful) for a role with QVC, and I do a whole lot of other random "stuff" outside of this mom-ness to maintain dimensionality (is that a word? Well, it is now).

I sometimes struggle with this- it seems like doors, while not necessarily shut, are a lot more narrow when you're a mom.  But I'm plugging along and little by little I'm starting to gain traction.  And wouldn't you know it, just yesterday I received confirmation that my thoughts will be included in an upcoming article on Mom.me!!

It re-energized me!  Provided validation for my efforts (and what mom doesn't love validation?!).

I'll share the link when it launches!!
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