Friday, June 6, 2014:

SAHM Seeking Balance

I spend a good deal of time trying to figure out what I can do to bring balance into my life.  Now that my youngest is one, I dream of going back to work, part-time.  The challenge is finding something that fits a balanced schedule that allows me to be available to my kids while they are still young and at the same time, finding the fulfillment of working outside of the home.  

Last night while talking with my husband, I realized how unrealistic my "ideal" job is, so, for the fun of it, I figured I would write this up to better identify what I'm looking for.  Have any leads? Ha!

Hard working, energetic, and motivated mom of two young boys seeks part-time opportunity in low-stress environment.  

Ideal role includes task-oriented projects to be fulfilled within work hours (unable to commit to after hour contributions).  

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, parenting, beauty, medicine, real estate, travel and healthy living.  The last topic being of utmost importance as I seek a balanced, more well-rounded lifestyle. 

Ideally, time commitment must be fulfilled within two to three work days with the ability to arrive at 9:30am, break from 11:15-12:15 (this allows for drop off and pick up from pre-school) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays (negotiable in warmer months but essential in winter months when walking is not an option).

Rate/Salary- enough to cover the cost of reliable childcare.  While a positive cash flow would be nice, I'm willing to break even...seriously.

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