Thursday, June 12, 2014:

The Importance of Home Economics

As you may have read, we've had a dishwasher debacle resulting in way too much old fashion dish hand.

It made me remember my high school Home Economics class when we were taught how to most effectively wash dishes by hand.  I filled a large bowl with warm soapy water, soaked the utensils and small items, scrubbed, and rinsed.  I acknowledge that this isn't a very complex task, not something that requires an incredible amount of strategy or intellect, but something about it's basic nature and the way that we could get by without the benefit of a dishwasher for a few days comforted me in the sense of sustainability.  Reminding me that we could survive in this looming pre-zombie apocalyptic society when the "inevitable" happens. It actually felt good to have done something the way it had been done for so long before the invention of the dishwasher.

It's important for everyone (men, women, boys, girls) to learn the lost arts of home keeping- the appropriate way to clean and care for a home, how to wash, iron, sew, fold...specifically a fitted sheet.  

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