Monday, June 9, 2014:

Rainy Day Activities Are Different with Kids

Before having kids, I used to love a rainy Sunday- it was an excuse to just lay low, watch a ton of bad television, nap, etc.

With kids, rainy days are tough....and messy.  

When I woke up to the rain I went back to the days of sleeping in.  I snuggled up into my blankets and listened to the rain hitting the skylight.  But behind the veil of tranquil raindrops and rolling thunder, there was a toddler waking up because it was 6:10am and come hell or high water (or in this case, a cozy spring thunder storm), he was waking up.

After allowing a few minutes of iPad time while he ignored his healthy, well-rounded breakfast, it was time to turn off the electronics and actively "play".

This lasted approximately three seconds before he was asking if we could go "owside".  

"No, bubby, it's pouring, we can't go outside", I respond as I opened the front door to reveal the heavy rain beyond our glass storm door thinking, "we can't go outside but maybe staring out the window will buy me some time."

It didn't.

It was time for the messy stuff...

No, not dotters....the baby eats the dotters.

Finger paint.  Yes, finger paint.

Funny that it's called "finger paint".  In our home it should be called "finger, foot, shins, floor, and in between toes" paint.


"Thank God this is washable and non toxic" paint.

So it is messy here today in our home.  Which means there's more clean up than I'd really like to do.   Which makes me wonder....

"Who wants to play with the iPad?!" .....There must be a finger painting App, right?

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