Wednesday, January 7, 2015:

Email Turned Blog Post

I spend a lot of time emailing friends ideas about skincare products.  And it only recently occurred to me that it might be a good idea to share some of this e-intel with some of you guys as well!  Here's an email I sent to my good friend who feels like she should have started a skincare routine much earlier (the good news is that it's never too late!).  She wanted some ideas on products and wanted me to cut to the chase and to share the good stuff!

Addling links for easy product research!!


Skinmedica Retinol Complex (.25) two times a week and I like it.  

Kate Somervilles Exfolikate- really really good.  Pricey but I think it's on the low end of the price scale when you look at products that really pack a punch.  Strong too.  Start off massaging on your skin for about 30 seconds and then leave on for 30 seconds.  You can build up/gauge your tolerance as you go!

I just started using No 7 prevent and protect serum- verdict is still out...not loving it.  The texture is too "soft".  I prefer a more liquid consistency and, truthfully, something that smells more stringent.  I reco the K. Somerville Quench Serum.  Look for hyaluronic acid.

Obagi is my favorite- but very pricey.  I love the Regenica and the Hydrate.

I just finished up a bottle of SkinCeuticals gentle cleanser.  It's fine but not sure if it's any better than the Aveeno cream cleanser I just bought.

I went on a Target shopping spree last week and bought a lot of Aveeno products (day creams, night creams, etc).  I REALLY want to be impressed by them, but still not too sure.  I'll let you know at bridge if you are better off going with the good stuff.

And for more retinol intel


Ok, I know what you all are thinking....  Yes, I play Bridge :)
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