Wednesday, January 21, 2015:

I Dermaplaned! And I think I Might Be in Love...

Awhile back I wrote about the new exfoliation method of dermaplaning in my post, "Do You Dare to Dergmaplane."

This new(ish) medspa treatment promises glowing skin by "shaving" off that top layer of dry, dull skin (and taking off the vellus hair- aka peach fuzz- for an added glow!).

I was hesitant at first, worried that I would be lathered with shaving cream and straight edged.  But that is not at all how it works!

After my skin was thoroughly washed by Christine at the Plastic Surgery Group in Albany, NY, she then painstakingly dermaplaned my skin, inch-by-inch.  This incredibly pain-free experience was not only relaxing but also satisfying as you heard the "scraping away" of dull and dry skin.  On top of the manual exfoliation, a chemical exfoliating peel is added to amplify your glow.

Here are my (no makeup) before and after pics....what do you think...would you dermaplane??



AFTER (with natural light)

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