Tuesday, January 6, 2015:

Reinforcing My Resolutions

Shortly after posting my resolutions list, I stumbled across this empowering piece showcasing Alexis Jones's new book, "I Am That Girl".  

As I grapple with my independence and individuality now that I am a parent, I found that these tips served as the perfect exclamation points for some of my new motherhood (and personal) goals- specifically #2, #3, and #6.

2. Be first. Skipping something you love (The gym? A massage? Girls’ night?) to keep open to plans with your significant other isn’t helping either of you. “When being selfless becomes so automatic that your instinct is to think of others first and you second, you’ve lost grasp of who you are and what you need,” Jones says. You are the priority.

THIS- this could not be anymore spot on for me (and I presume many moms).  Yes, my children's needs come first as they are only one and three.  And my husband is also a priority.  But sometimes I prioritize their "wants" and push my "needs" off to the back burner.  I promise to do better at this as I am learning everyday that tending to my personal interests make me a far better mom.

3. Be hard-core. That job application you still haven’t finished? Do it. “Idleness prevents us from reaching our potential,” Jones explains. Keep your work ethic in check and stop making excuses.

This could not be more relevant for my Quirky aspirations.  There were so many days when I told myself to "just do it" (wish Nike hadn't made that so cliche).  But then life got in the way.  Kids became my priority.  My idea was always on my mind, but always out of focus.  Until one day I just.did.it. I submitted my idea, with a video, and shared it with, what seems like, the universe.  That took extreme courage and a momentary lapse in insecurity to hit "upload".  But I did it and, with extreme doses of positive thinking, I hope that my idea makes it to design this spring!

6. Be resilient. A break-up? Work troubles? “It is precisely when everything as we know it is turned upside down that we have the opportunity to evolve,” Jones counsels. “Life is about moving through those obstacles with grace— and sometimes that involves clenched fists, a tear-streaked face, and some four-letter words.” Buy some (natural) waterproof mascara and keep on keeping on.

Be resilient.  If I actually had the courage to get a tattoo, this would certainly be on the short list- as would the word "grace".  Parenthood is hard and I tend to internalize a lot everything.   I want to stop doing that.  I want to roll with the punches of parenthood as energetically and optimistically as possible.  I do complain more than I'd like, but I'd like to be better at maintaining perspective and appreciation.

Which tips resonate with you??

Here's another link to the article.  Enjoy! 
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