Monday, January 26, 2015:

Baby Foot Peel Trial

I am SO beyond excited to try this new product.  It's the middle of the winter and while I try to stay on top of my pedicures, the dryness has definitely taken a toll on my heels.  And as I sit here awaiting the impending isolation of houseboundness as a result of an upcoming blizzard, you can imagine how excited I am about the arrival of my Baby Foot Peel!

So here's how it works....

Apparently a combination of potent natural extracts with high moisturization qualities and astringent properties penetrate the dry and calloused soles of your feel- this powerful fruit acid also breaks down the desmosomes which hold together the layers of dead skin cells.

After spending an hour in the provided Baby Foot Booties, you rinse your feet of any extra solution and within 3-7 days, the dead skin will begin peeling away to reveal soft and moisturized feet!!!

Sort of like this....

 it kind of looks gross (and to be honest, this was one of the less "peely" images I could find) but it will be so worth it if I get the smooth soles that this product promises!

Can't wait to keep you posted!

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