Tuesday, January 20, 2015:

Quirky CEO "Favorited" My Tweet...Now What?!!

For those of you who have been following along, we managed to get over 1k likes to my Quirky idea video- THANKS GUYS!! (No, really...I SINCERELY appreciate it!).

A few folks have wondered if Ben Kaufman is really going to watch my kids.  The short answer is "probably not".  The long answer is "I doubt it but he "favorited" my tweet and now I wake up every morning wondering if he is going to come to my front door, Publishers Clearing House Style, and surprise me with a day of pampering and free childcare" (Ben Kaufman, if you are reading this, the pampering it TOTALLY fine by me!! Just need to get some intel on the childcare part ;).

The positive about this entire experience is that we garnered more interest and traction for my Quirky Idea- the Magnetic Mesh Laundry bag.  This is so important to the Quirky sales team as they go out and meet with retailers to try and "sell" concepts and designs proactively.  Buzz helps demonstrate consumer interest!!!
The negative about this entire experience is that I now wake up every morning wondering if I should pick up a bit JUST IN CASE Ben drops by :)

Thanks again friends!!

Be Well, 

PS- If you want to stay up to speed with the latest news about The Magnetic Mesh Laundry Bag, take a look at my latest buttons on the right column of my blog- You can watch the video (again), link to the idea detail, AND track updates on my product Timeline!

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