Wednesday, July 1, 2015:

When in a Funk...Paint Your Nails Blue!

So folks, I'm officially in a low energy, can't get motivated funk!  It's hard for me to rally with the kids beyond cranking on the sprinkler in the backyard (which they have now made into a cozy coupe car wash- yay imagination!).  Still waiting to hear back on a few projects but starting to lose hope.  And struggling to get into my summer routine which makes everyday chores tough to manage. Oh!  And we are now in week 13 of a home renovation (did I mention that I JUST got my washer and dryer installed after 12 weeks.  TWELVE!).

As the French say, "Le sigh".

So I needed a pick me up.  I'm a hardcore pale pink nails for life kind of gal, so I was shocked when my hands went for the turquoise blue!  But here you have it folks- when in a funk, don't get blue, paint your nails blue.  

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