Sunday, July 12, 2015:

So I Tried Spinning...Again

I'm a reasonably fit person.  I run regularly and lift my fair share of free weights and toddlers.  So imagine my surprise when I totally got my rear end handed to me in a 45min spin class of hell.

A friend of mine recently started teaching at a local gym and I figured I'd show my support by joining her 9:30am class.  It was hard.  Like, can't move my legs, the resistance is a joke, am I reading my meter wrong because "65 at six" just...seems...impossible!

From a cardio perspective, it was no problem.  But from a general strength perspective, I honestly just could not compete at the levels my instructor/friend was encouraging.

The weaker me would surrender and just stick to running BUT it really exposed a physical weakness that I need to improve upon for overall strength- mental and physical.

So here is to committing to a weekly spin class.  Even if it's my own personal form of torture.

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