Monday, December 7, 2015:

AllPakt Has Arrived!!

I've been anxiously awaiting the delivery of our AllPakt and it's finally here!  What better time to review a children's product than right before the holidays!!??  Good thing Santa's elf brought this to us early- just in time for holiday travel!!

Ok, so what is it??  
The AllPakt backpack is a bag stuffed to the brim with travel-friendly goodies for your kids.  Designed specifically for pre-schoolers, the AllPakt team creates the perfect travel bag for kiddos.  Easy, engaging, and (so far) mess free!  Perfect for the jet set kiddos out there!  

If I had any self control, I'd hold on to this until Christmas (ok, and maybe I'd probably wrap each item separately to get some serious gift points- did you see how many items are in this bag??), but both my four year old and I were too excited to hold off on unpacking!

I think part of the fun of these book bags is unpacking the AllPakt and discovering all of the goodies!!

We have yet to take the book bag in the car and already my son is eager to try all of the goodies!  

Before my official review I feel it's only fair to give the kiddo some time to explore all of the swag!  But just take a peek at all of our goodies!!

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