Sunday, December 20, 2015:

Stemming off of Yesterdays Smoothie Recipe- Another Yummy Beverage!

I'd like to begin this post by saying that if I EVER suggested we buy a 12 pack of $2 per can beverages, my husband would laugh at me.  ESPECIALLY if I said, "But honey, these drinks are full of antioxidants and powered by a 'super fruit'- the coffee fruit!"

So THANK GOODNESS my husband fell in love with these first!

Introducing the Coffee Fruit, Antioxidant Drinks of Bai- our personal favorite Gimbi Pink Gratefruit

So the healthy skin loving passionista in me loves the idea that so much of this beverage is derived from earth's natural resources and jam-packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants!  The champagne-abstaining, 34 weeks + 5 days pregnant mother in me loves the bubbles (and secretly cannot wait to "celebrate" our new arrival with a little Gimbi Pink Gratefruit and Vueve)!

What my husband loves about these drinks is that they are a low-calorie, caffeinated, and satisfying beverage to jumpstart his mornings!

The best part, Bai is up-cycling the pulpy coffee fruit (the coffee bean lives inside!) that's often discarded in the coffee bean harvesting process.  And to Bai, the coffee fruit might just be the better of the two ingredients!

Bai's coffee growing country of choice?  Indonesia.  So not only are Bai's drink infused with antioxidant power, but Bai is also infusing remote and frequently poor regions with long-term economic opportunities!  Cheers to that!

There is a lot of good that comes out of this yummy beverage!  Check out the website and the insightful FAQ's- might be worth adding this to your pantry!

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