Tuesday, February 11, 2014:

A mom without an epidural

Epidurals:  I can't even begin to imagine NOT having this!  Like, no...just no. way. High Fives to all the voluntarily unmedicated birthing mamas out there! (wink wink... vodka in your hospital bag?  Is that the secret? No, really, I won't say a word? ...."No" you say?  You really decided to do this thing without being under the influence- other than under the influence of "out of your GD mind").

Ok, fine, seriously, you earned your badge.

Sure, maybe in the fleeting moments of pregnancy bliss I may have thought, "you know what, I.can.do.this." changing my mind immediately following the period at the end of THAT sentence after my heel met the business end of a lego.

So that said, how on earth did women have multiple births before epidurals....because, fine, I'll give a pass to the whole "ignorance is bliss" thing...?

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